Decorative panels for walls are very popular among designers. And it's not that they can quickly and easily hide all the roughness and bumps on the walls. Wall panels can be combined to use, say, for finishing the ceiling. But how is fixed wall panels.

As you know, decorative wall panels made from different materials: wood, stone, plastic. Depending on the high cost of the material itself and the cost of production, of course, the price for a certain product will change. But despite all the differences, the ways of fixing the wall panels are the same.

Mount the wall panels can be done in several ways. They can be "put" on adhesive profiles or crate. Let's consider in detail each way of fastening decorative panels for walls.

Plastic panels, unlike wood, very light, because they are made of the versatile polymer. from which also produce bottles, syringes, water pipes. Since the plastic panels are much lighter, they can not be nailed, but glued to the walls. By the way, also glued acoustic panels and panels with fabric padding.

Mount plastic panels starts with a preliminary preparation of walls. Remove any wallpaper and any roughness or roughness from the surface. The peeling paint should also be cleaned, otherwise the glue will not serve for a long time. Also, all cracks should be removed, and unevenness should be cut. Only after this, you can fasten the wall panels. On a dry and flat wall glued panels with acrylic or silicone adhesive. Be sure to keep the wall smooth and dry everywhere!

The panels to the wall very often do in other ways. All wooden panels are fixed on the plate — crate. In this case, you do not need to pre-align the wall. You should only attach to the wall of wooden planks with the frequency that you require. Depending on the form of wall panels, may be slightly different mounting method on the crate: fixing "the groove-groove" or "thorn-groove".

Mounting of wall panels type "thorn-groove". as a rule, occurs in various materials for decorative wall decoration. Panels made of plastic and MDF are no exception. Fasten decorative wall panels to the crate with the help of clamps (special staples). But you can also use the so-called parquet nails.

Fixed wall panels, "the groove-groove" a lot more expensive. than in the previous case. And it's not that these panels are much more expensive than the others, because they are made of wood. In the costs also should take into account and additional profiles for the connection. In stores you can find both plastic and metal profiles. The metal profile will serve you not only as a frame, but also as a crate.

Plastic profile, of course, will cost you much less. It very quickly can be mounted on the wall. But the fact that plastic profile can be used only as auxiliary structures .

Another method of fixing wall panels profile mount. This type of fastening can be called a kind of profile "groove-groove". But here there are special features. In all the described methods, the wall panels would conceal the crate and the profile to which they are fastened. But in this case, the mount will act at the level with the panels. The fact is that the connecting grooves go into the recesses not on the panels, but on the profile itself. In this case, the profile grid will always be visible. But do not worry, because such fastening of wall panels is used only for wall finishing with various large-format modules. In addition, the protruding profile can always be turned into a part of the decor of your wall.

When you have chosen the method of fastening wall panels, you can get to work. Don't forget that panels can be mounted not only vertically or horizontally, but also "Christmas tree". You can combine the colors, width and length of the rails. Also you can use decorative inserts and lamps, with which you can create unexpected color effects.