Billiard room is a luxury that not everyone can afford. If you consider that any rest room is easily converted into a billiard room, the situation is not so bad. In the luxurious billiard room, you can not only relax with friends and just enjoy life!

When building a billiard room is very important to consider a few rules that you must follow. Think do you want to combine your billiard room with another room. for example, a library. Or maybe you would prefer to allocate a separate room for a billiard table? Also, you need to think about how many people you will expect a billiard room and whether there will be a place for people who will not take part in the game. To ensure that your billiard room is equipped in the best way, you will need to consider all of the above requirements.

To begin to think about the size of a billiard room. If the room will only have a pool table, then it should not be very large. But still, to determine the size of the billiard room, you should always start from the size of the table. The larger the table, the more room you will need. Also take into account the fact that you should be comfortable using the cue. Thus, the minimum size of the billiard room, in which the average table will be, should be 5x5 m. If you plan to place not only a pool table, but also other furniture, increase the size of the room.

Design of a billiard room depending on your color table. The usual for billiard tables are green and the colors of dark wood. The colors and materials that will be used in the design of a billiard room must be fully combined with the color range of the table.

The billiard room is a good place to look if for walls and ceilings you'll use a tree. Wooden panels are perfect for wall finishing. It is also desirable to trim the ceiling with a tree. On the finish of the floor should pay special attention. The floor in the billiard room should not be slippery. It should also be noted that the floor covering must withstand the weight of the table and not be afraid of falling heavy objects on it. Ideal floor covering for a billiard room will be a carpet or carpet.

The billiard room will look a bit unfriendly if it does not have furniture.For a small billiard room is perfect high wooden bar stools. Sitting on such chairs, players can always see the game. The bar counter will also look great in the billiard room. Be sure to hang on the wall holders for cues. Plasma TV will look great in the room for playing billiards, but only if it allows a general style of the interior.

If your billiard room is large enough, thenyou can use the extra furniture. Think about those people who will not participate in the game. For them, you can put a soft leather corner.

Lighting plays a very important role in the arrangement of the billiard room. Solar lighting is not so important for billiard design, so this room is often equipped in the basement. But even if there are windows in your billiard room, you still have to use ceiling lights that gently scatter light. But on the windows it is better to hang tight heavy curtains so that you can close them at any time, if the sunlight will disturb you. Also note that due to the lighting of the room, billiard balls can cast shadows on the table. In this case, above the table at the eye level, players hang a lamp that dispels the light and sends it down. Only in this case the balls will not cast shadows, and you can enjoy a good game. In addition, walls can be placed on the walls, which will give your billiard room a cosiness.

Billiard room very often stoned, so it should make a powerful ventilation system. Tobacco smoke is absorbed very quickly by the tissue, which leads to its aging. To prevent this from happening on the billiard table, you will need a powerful hood.