Billiard room is a luxury that not everyone can afford. If you consider that any rest room is easily converted into a billiard room, the situation is not so bad. In the luxurious billiard room, you can not only relax with friends and just enjoy life!

When building a billiard room is very important to consider a few rules that you must follow. Think do you want to combine your billiard room with another room{!LANG-45377309896013756fb37316e5da0c8e!}

To begin to think about the size of a billiard room{!LANG-ed9940cbe75494caed0405833acd5163!}

Design of a billiard room depending on your color table{!LANG-8dd61ccbda0b7335ef2ea6f7e18a6bf8!}

The billiard room is a good place to look if for walls and ceilings you'll use a tree{!LANG-bf2411e497d608e7bb567a06d419717f!}

{!LANG-a05a1479f28e80bcabd54b9619166d52!}For a small billiard room is perfect high wooden bar stools{!LANG-1fd107be897a9e21ae3ba1f72e6a685a!}

{!LANG-eca7def3aa37db84d3a97d9650315ea9!}you can use the extra furniture{!LANG-d3ef2e731e8ccc7099e9215f630ee0ce!}

Lighting plays a very important role in the arrangement of the billiard room{!LANG-cfd14debd0acaf27dcdc1f97dd4e6688!}

Billiard room very often stoned, so it should make a powerful ventilation system{!LANG-307df7a2267219469c7d6e5b3d0c8f34!}