Choosing the front door. we first pay attention not to the appearance of the door and on her reliability and safety. Gone are the days when the front door was made of wood. Now more and more people prefer the metal front door. How to choose a metal door?

To correctly choose a metal door, you need to follow three main criteria. This is the protection that the door provides; degree of heat and sound insulation; appearance. As the fourth criterion, you can name the price, but it depends on the first three.

The main criterion when choosing metal doors will be the degree of protection. you in fact have decided to choose a metal door that your property remained in the integrity and safety. Protection, which can provide a door of metal, depends primarily on the degree of burglar resistance of the door.

Just distinguish five classes of burglary. the first class is the lowest (such doors can be easily opened using the simplest tools), the fifth class is the tallest (bullet-proof doors). It is clear that the bulletproof door in the city apartment is unlikely to be needed, but for resistance to burglary with the use of various tools, it is worth paying.

The class door is confirmed by certificates of the state standard. Despite the fact that metal doors are not subject to mandatory certification it is better to choose a metal door, with the appropriate certificates. So you can be assured of the quality of the door: a self-respecting manufacturer of certificates will take care.

The class door is directly connected with the quality of its design. Door low classes usually bent in such door leaf and door frame are composed of thin die sections. Door high quality weld. Box and cloth are made of pipes of different profile and thickness. Door design must be geometrically correct, without distortions and deformations .

Also, the degree of protection affect the locks. There are two types of locks — suvaldnye and cylinder. Lever (safe) castle more massive, it is difficult to dislodge, such a lock is advised to close the door at night or in case of departure. The reliability of the lock against breaking is determined by the number of levels (combination plates). Their quantity can be determined by counting the steps on the key bit: the striker plate is one less. Suggest to pick a lock with at least six levers.

Cylinder lock  It is easier to dislodge, but it is more difficult to pick up a key to it or open it with a master key. Its internal mechanism has the form of a cylinder with locking pins. The number of pins determines the reliability of the lock - for high reliability they must be at least five. To determine the number of pins, count the number of cuts or depressions on the key.

Experts advise to choose a metal door, and is equipped with lever and cylinder lock. and lock it on both locks. If the attacker decides to act by force, the castle lock will save. And if he decides to act by cunning, he will be arrested by a cylindrical one.

Pay attention to the hinges. They can be external and internal. If the hinges are exposed, for security purposes, need to put them on protivosemnye. For security reasons the door must be equipped with bolts. This is a metal pin which prevents its dislodging. In addition to the beams, from the yard can be a metal end pins (anchoring system ).

Door important and the degree of heat and sound insulation. It depends on used in the door gasket. This could be batting, mineral wool, polyurethane foam, makrofleks. On the external side of the door, according to Kant, should be installed elastic rubber seal. For additional insulation you can install two doors, internal wood and external metal.

External finish metal doors can be of any. it can be powder coating, veneer, MDF, laminate, artificial leather and even an array of wood. Everything depends on your taste and your wallet.

Deciding to choose a metal door, do not try to save. Even if you prefer economy-class doors, a quality door can not cost too cheap. You do not need to save on your own safety.