In a modern country houses and apartments there is often a need for allocating a special room for guests where they could spend the night or even for several days. Guest room must be attractive and functional, because it is the ultimate hospitality of the owners. What are the design features of the guest rooms?

In a typical city apartment is small, usually not even think about guest accounts: where, even if family members places and that is not enough! But in the bigger apartments or in private homes a guest room can be quite appropriate. if friends or relatives come to visit their hosts, it will be very inconvenient to try to place them in the living room or in the private rooms of family members.

Something a guest room like a normal hotel room: it has a bed, wardrobe, Desk and chair, mirror. Design guest room   while it may not be very demanding, but you can not completely "give up" on the design of the guest room, believing that the guests will still be satisfied with the "bed-place" allocated for them.

Hospitable hosts will tryto furnish a room in a moderately elegant and at the same time just. For example, in a guest room it is worth taking care of high-quality finishing of walls, ceiling and floor, installation of inexpensive but good furniture, decorating the interior with various cute little things.

In many waysdesign a guest room depends on its size. As a rule, there is not a big room for the guest room, and therefore the guest room is small. In addition, often this room is also dark or even gloomy - lighter rooms are already reserved for the needs of family members. In such a case, the design of the guest room becomes the elimination of the described drawbacks.

If a small guest room is quite bright. then in its design it is worth using "fresh", soft colors: white, beige, light blue, light green, etc. Such a color scheme will make the room visually more spacious. However, in a dark small room the same range can give a completely opposite effect: the room will look even more sad.

For the dark guest room of small dimensions are more suitable bright colors. which will give the room a cheerfulness. For example, the walls can be painted in rich blue, terracotta, yellow colors, you can cover with wallpaper with an interesting bright pattern. On the floor it is good to lay a carpet - also bright and cheerful.

The guest room is the first room where the guest could have some time to live, because, of course, the bed is one of its most important elements. Usually in small rooms, can accommodate only one person, put single beds, but often also in the guest rooms set sofa, which is very practical.

Whatever the design of the guest room, there are some General useful tips on arrangement   this room in the house or apartment. So, it is necessary to take care of the cleanliness of the room: there must be no dust and rubbish in the guest room, fresh bedding for the guest should be prepared. In addition, it is also worthwhile to worry about the guest's leisure, for example, you can set a guest in a small shelf with books and magazines.

If guest room well decorated, sparkly clean and practically at any time ready to perform their functions, even the sudden arrival never catch the owners by surprise.