House with his hands is a great way to save both on materials and on wages of the builders. In this case a Builder will you do so fully enjoy all the joys of the construction of the house. If you don't know how to build cottage house. then carefully read further.

To build any house, you need to procure construction material. It should be brought to the site and stored neatly, so that it is convenient to use it later. After you have selected the material in the store, it needs to be wrapped in plastic wrap so that it does not deteriorate during transportation.

The storage area for materials should be prepared: you need to clear the place and put on the ground boards, which then will store the building materials. If there is no housing for builders in the suburban area, that is for you, you need to install the cabins.

Any process of building a house starts with Foundation. so your house is no exception. The basement will be columnar from concrete blocks measuring 40x20x20 cm. On the site, the presence of sand and gravel of fine fraction is welcomed. Each concrete block is put on a pillow of sand and gravel, the height of which should be at least 20 cm. You can also arrange a monolithic foundation, but for this you have to tinker with the formwork.

When the foundation is exposed, we lay the roofing material in two layers. Then proceed to install the first crown from the bar 150x150 mm. In this crown, the floor lugs under the partitions are cut into the beam, but we only need a bar of 150x40 mm under the floors.

After strapping begin to build frame. First we make external walls from a bar 135x85 mm. The standard height of the log frame is 17 crowns, which is 2.3 meters. Between the beam is laid insulation: moss, tow, or artificial material. Moss is a natural antiseptic, but at the same time it warms the room well. Advantage of moss and pakli. Docking seams of crowns should be made separately.

Walls collect on the nails whose length is 200 mm. the Nail is pressed 2-3 cm, so he is not in contact with the upper beam. Partitions in the house vpisivajutsja in the logs. After the 7th of the crown, and it is about 90 cm from the floor, starting to do the openings for the Windows. The window unit has the following dimensions: 1,2x1 m. Above the window, leave a gap of 5 cm, so the unit does not interfere with the shrinkage of the house.

To build a country house in one and a half floors. after the installation of the 17th crown, an overlap is made, after which the laying of the log-house is continued - 8-9 rows, the height of which will be equal to 1 meter. This upper floor is called an attic, in which you can arrange a room.

After assembling the frame of the attic begin to collect rafters. For rafters are used boards of 100x40 mm. Often, the rafters are assembled according to one pattern: the drilled pieces are pinned down according to a standard pattern, and the gables are lined horizontally. Under the lining, a vapor barrier (parchment) should be laid. When the work is completed at this stage, the rafters and the pediments are placed on the logs in steps of 90-95 cm. The crate is punched on them, which should not be continuous: the step of the boards is 30-40 cm.

So, the time has come for interior trim  at home. First lay the roughing floor and the parchment, and then the insulation is laid, the total thickness of the layers should be 50 mm. The insulation is covered with a layer of parchment, on which the finishing floor is laid. Finishing floor is a floor board with a thickness of 30-40 mm.

To post a beam through a layer of vellum nailed to the ceiling. The heater is placed on top of the ceiling. Then, on this layer of asphalt is laid and nailed floor is in the attic. Set of stairs with steps made of batten and the Foundation is made of timber or Board. You can amuse yourself with a manufacturer of balusters and railings. Next insulate the attic (gable, ceiling, walls) of a material such as mineral wool thickness of 50 mm.

Now rejoice carpentry works  - installation of windows and doors. Window frames of standard double glazing, doors paneled in height of 2.1 m, and width of 80 cm. Platbands are made of lining and nailed on doors and windows. We still need to nail the plinth on the floor, the ceiling and in the corners at all junctions of the vagonki.

So you have managed to build a holiday home. Now there is very little - painting, screwing the handles and other decorations for the house.