A patio is an outdoor patio, which is surrounded on all sides by walls, lattice, green fences, etc. Originally, the patio was common in the Mediterranean countries (especially Spain), but now these courtyards are popular in many other countries. Why not equip patio at the cottage.

Originally the patio was a kind of islets of comfort and security in the medieval cities. The task of the patio to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere. That is why the patio in the country will be a great place to relax. If you dream of an open terrace. but for some reason you can not (or do not want to) attach it to the house, the patio will be an excellent alternative.

So, as we have said, a patio is an outdoor patio, is fenced on all sides. One of the walls of the patio at the dacha can be the wall of the cottage, and on the other sides, such a courtyard can be surrounded by a fence that limits your summer residence and / or a green hedge. Usually part of the patio is paved with tiles or stone, and part is a lawn or flower garden.

In the design of the patio at the cottage you can use a lot of decorative elements. artificial ponds (pool, fountain, garden pond), garden furniture, decorative vases, flowers in flowerpots. For shading the patio, pergolas are used, along which climbing plants are allowed. And you can equip a patio in the patio, under which there will be sun loungers.

How to build a patio at the cottage? First you need to choose the location of the patio depending on the destination. For lovers of sunbathing, a patio on a sunny lawn is more suitable, if you want to admire the beautiful sunrises or sunsets at breakfast or dinner, the patio should be located in the east or west respectively.

Then jot down on a piece of paper a rough diagram of the patio and decide what will be in the courtyard, which part will need to pave and which to leave in lawns and flowerbeds, where there will be furniture, etc. it is Desirable to provide a canopy or gazebo in case of heat. And then you can buy the necessary materials and get to work.

If the patio is a fountain or artificial pond, to construct a patio, it is necessary from it, because it will be necessary to excavate, lay pipes, etc. then, when finished with the pond, you can perform all the other work. Usually a fountain or pond is a patio Central .

So the pond is ready (or not ready — if you decide to do without it), you now need to decide than to pave patio. Paving can be very different, but the material should be primarily functional: not to be polluted, easy to clean, be resistant to mechanical stress and environmental effects. It is very important that it is rough, so that in wet weather you do not slip.

Usually cobble patio clinker brick, natural or artificial stone. You can use different patterns of paving. paving stones, strict geometric patterns, mosaic paving.

Patio is unthinkable without the lush blooming greenery. What will it be grass or flower beds, flower pots (containers) or the living wall of climbing plants to decide, of course, you. It all depends on your personal taste and how much time you're willing to take care of plants. But I advise you to plant the types of plants that bloom at different times to all the summer patio pleasing to the eye with bright colors. If you prefer grass, the surface of the patio should be slightly below the level of the lawn so you can mow the lawn without damaging the cover patio. Along with flowers you can plant bushes and low trees. Deciding which plants to plant, be sure to mention the degree of Svetilovichi.

The final touches in the design of the patio at the cottage — furniture and lighting. In the patio is usually installed dacha furniture. the choice of a particular kind of furniture (plastic, wicker, forged, wooden, etc.) depends on the style in which the patio is designed, and your budget. If furniture is afraid of water, it must be installed in a place well protected from the rain (say, under a canopy).

If you plan to spend on the patio on a warm summer evening take care of the lighting, which will make the patio more cozy. You can put both high lanterns and small lamps standing right on the ground. The main thing that the light was not too bright, it is better to prefer soft diffused lighting. Then your patio will become a cozy place for gatherings with family and friends.