There is a balcony or a loggia in almost every apartment. Many of the lack of space in the apartment use the balcony as a "storehouse" for old things. But still you can decide and make a cozy place from the balcony, where you can relax with the whole family. The first step to such changes is to decorate the balcony. The second step is to chooseblinds for balcony.

Do not think that you do not need curtains on the balcony window, especially if you live on the last floors. On the first floors the curtains are hung on the windows so that from the street you can not see either the balcony or the room. Gawker and lovers look into other people's windows always. Yes, and annoying neighbors or grandmothers in the yard will be less gossip about what they saw on your balcony. But on the last floors the curtains also do not interfere at least so that the hot rays of the sun do not heat the room too much. thereforegood curtains for balcony you will need in any case. But how to choose the right curtains on the balcony?

Let's first define on which side the balcony windows come out. If this is a southern side, then you should think about more dense materials for curtains. On the northern side, you can limit yourself to lightweight fabrics, such as organza or tulle. Through such fabrics will penetrate enough light for your plants.

Very heavy curtains on the balcony is not the place. Also do not need a variety of decorations, such as lambrequins and garters. These decorations for curtains leave for rooms. But on the balcony windows, hang simple curtains. As an option, you can give preference to bamboo curtains. They are made of natural material, besides, their color scheme will be well suited for decoration of the balcony.

Another good choice is blinds for balcony. Roller blinds can be raised or lowered at any time, depending on whether you want light to enter the room or not. Similarly, you can hang Roman curtains on the balcony. These two options for designing balcony windows can be considered the best. In addition, you can always choose the color of the curtains and the density of the material.

A very interesting option for decorating the Windows on the balcony will Japanese curtains. which are vertically arranged strips of cloth moving along the eaves, like shutters. But since usually 3 to 5 fabric panels are used, these curtains are unlikely to be placed on small balconies. Therefore, this type of curtain is best for a loggia.

Whether you choose curtains for balcony or loggia, you should always consider some of the features of the room and space that you have. Curtains should always be hung so that you had free access to the Windows. This is especially important on the balcony. If you find it difficult to open windows because of curtains, it is better to refuse such curtains. Also curtains should not disturb you if you are standing near an open window.

Now a bit about the colour scheme of the curtains for balcony. We have already mentioned that the density of the curtains depends on which side of the light the balcony windows face. Naturally, tight curtains do not necessarily have to be dark. Yes, and use dark shades on the balcony is not recommended in any case. Dark curtains catch more sunlight than light. As a result, the air on the balcony is very hot, which makes the apartment hot too. Therefore, give preference to light fabrics. Fortunately, modern technology allows you to get a fairly dense tissue light colors.

Also not recommended to hang on the balcony too bright curtains. There is a certain reason for this. The fact is that the balcony and the loggia are the continuation of the apartment, let it be enclosed by a large window and door. In your room, which has access to the balcony, there are already curtains anyway. When you look out the window from the room, then the room and balcony curtains are in view at the same time. Bright colors that do not match each other do not bear any harmony. Therefore, curtains for the balcony is better to choose in the color scheme that curtains in the room. Only balcony curtains should be more light tone.