Laminate flooring has become one of the most popular flooring because of its durability, aesthetic appearance, wide range of colors and textures, simplicity of installation and maintenance. and a lower price compared to natural surfaces. Purchased laminate flooring to perfectly fit into the design of your apartment, you should know how to use laminate in the interior.

If you decide to use laminate flooring in the interior of a room, particular attention should be paid to the choice of laminate. We are now talking not so much about quality (though, of course, it should come first), but about the appearance of the floor covering. The laminate flooring must fit in with the color scheme and style of interior room{!LANG-b903f9f38b7a6c0236b6baa6737fe2a4!}

If the laminate in the interior will serve as a neutral background, is to choose lighter shades of laminate{!LANG-0407749a93153ced1fd4f0070f108469!}

If you use a light laminate should remember a few important rules. If you want to expand the room, using the light laminate floor and bright Wallpaper, Wallpaper needs to be three or four shades darker than the laminate{!LANG-d83aaf3fb7e957195e282dd00469e917!}

However increasingly, the design of interiors using laminate of deep dark shades{!LANG-bb82b249c2b530c5ad476b5d4d42f37f!}

In Sunny areas it is not necessary to use very dark shades of laminate. The fact that the bright side sunlight makes is especially noticeable dust on the laminate. Even if you support the clean room, dust on the floor will appear faster than you will have time to remove it, and the floor will look untidy.

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We should also talk about the combination of laminate flooring and interior doors{!LANG-b18c115cc91b569272b37b28c38fec7d!}

Whether to use a laminate of different colours and textures in different rooms? Of course, it all depends on whether you follow a single style in the design of rooms, or each of them has its own style. However if you have a small flat, different colours and decors laminate is better not to use. the space will be divided into small areas, and visually, the apartment will seem even smaller.

However, it is acceptable to use the laminate for the zoning of large areas{!LANG-3901ff0f1232f38e0a7f0881465e2f6c!}

Laminate flooring in the interior provides ample room for creativity, with its help you can visually change the proportions of the room and create a very unusual interior. Don't be afraid to dream{!LANG-5cb2e72970d33165b9217e5a62da3985!}