Starting repairs at home, you will definitely think about the need for special materials, which will provide for fastening of different parts. The theme of our article — fixing materials. directly depends on the quality of the repair or Assembly of furniture. Consider separately each of their species.

You should start with nails. the appearance of which is absolutely familiar to everyone. They come in a variety of sizes: from 10 millimeters to a couple of dozen centimeters. It is worth noting the so-called nail-like screw, which is a nail with a thread, which is used in conjunction with a dowel to attach something to concrete or brick walls.

Considering fastening materials, you need to talk about bolt. which is a rod with an external thread, at one end of which is the head, and the other is designed to wind the nut on it. Bolts can have both full and incomplete threads. There are varieties of such fasteners with a T-shaped, concealed and even semicircular head.

Screw  Is a fastening material used for joining or fixing, in the form of a threaded rod and a head required for the transmission of torque. A special design of the screw is a special groove (slot) at the end of the head, which can be cylindrical, rounded or semicircular. Slots can also be of a variety of types: flat, cross-shaped, hexagonal and even twelve-sided. Still need to say that there are self-tapping screws with a kind of sharp end. Usually products in which screws are used for connection, do not assume frequent disassembly and assembly. The advantage of this connection is its aesthetic appearance.

Hairpin  It is a rod, at both ends of which there is carving. Usually, such fixing materials use a nut for additional fixing, and if necessary - a washer. A hairpin is rarely used, as it does not adorn the appearance of the joint itself.

The following are screws that need to be considered — screw. His rod is threaded and a sharp tip at one end, and the other is the head. Used screws for the connection of plastic and wooden parts, but they are often used for fixation of metal products to wood surfaces. They also have good aesthetic qualities, which provide a quite pleasant appearance of the connection.

Nut  has a threaded hole, and its hexagonal shape is designed to create torque with a special key. It is used in conjunction with a bolt or a stud, it is also often found in combination with a washer for more reliable fastening. There is a huge number of varieties of nuts, such as a cap nut, a wing nut with a nylon liner to prevent spontaneous loosening and many others.

Washer  are required to be placed under the nut or bolt head to increase the surface area of ​​the support surface. They are also divided into several types: flat washer, lock washer and spring washer.

Rivet is a product in the form of smooth cylindrical rod with a head at one end. They are used to work with metal and gypsum sheets, and are installed using a special apparatus.

Fasteners also includedowels and anchors. They are necessary for fixing screws in concrete surfaces. The purpose of anchors is to take very heavy loads, so they are made of metal, while for dowels use plastic.

Most of the fasteners are made of stainless acid-resistant metals, such as zinc or chromium. However, decorative fasteners are often made of nickel and copper.