{!LANG-6d03e54ddfd8d630e7f362867a4af6ec!}{!LANG-88c43f86660b04298f7f62452b463e8c!}. appearance of which is familiar to everyone. They come in a variety of sizes: from 10 millimeters to a few tens of centimeters. It is worth noting the so-called gvozdevsky screw, which is a nail with a thread, which is used together with a dowel for attaching anything to concrete or brick walls.

{!LANG-a5ce20d54b2412b515985298de8c8350!}{!LANG-7583c25dba8d4ab3230e058ee782f4cf!}. which is a rod with an external thread, one end of which is the head, and the other is designed to wrap him nuts. The bolts can have complete and incomplete thread. There are varieties of such fasteners has a T-shape, hidden, and even the round head.

{!LANG-2449e66902aa77e783eeec572db390bc!} is the mounting material used for connecting or fixing, in the form of a threaded rod and a head, necessary for torque transmission. The design feature of a screw is a special recess(slot) in the side of the head, which can be cylindrical, rounded, or semicircular shape. The slot can also be of different types: flat, cross, hexagonal, square and even twelve-sided. Still have to say that there are thread forming screws with a sharp end. Usually products that are used to connect the screws, do not assume frequent disassembly and Assembly. The advantage of this connection is its aesthetic appearance.

Hairpin is the rod on both ends which is threaded. Typically, such fastening materials for additional fixing using the nut and if necessary the washer. Applied a pin quite rare, as it not adorns the exterior of the connection.


{!LANG-eae6ab8059c23ff676a2ca13649d235e!} has a threaded hole, and its hexagonal shape is designed to create a torque using the special key. Used together with a bolt or stud, also often found in combination with a washer for greater reliability of fastening. There are plenty of varieties of nuts, such as cap nut, nut-lamb with nylon liner to prevent spontaneous unscrewing and many others.

Washer necessary for putting the nut or bolt head to increase the bearing area. They are also divided into several types: flat washer, lock washer and spring washer.


{!LANG-78361d897a0dd8ad311a4d124de9c74f!}{!LANG-5c749c6f5f2ee8aca9a5cc87392b3689!}. They are necessary for fixing the screws in the concrete surface. The purpose of the anchors is making very heavy loads, therefore, they are made of metal, while to use plastic dowels.

Most of the products for fasteners made from stainless acid-resistant metals such as zinc or chrome. However decorative paints are often made of Nickel and copper.