Laying tile on the wall is a process that requires maximum care and attention. Otherwise, the tile can go awry, and all the work done goes down the drain.

Styling need special glue, bucket, notched trowel, line-level, angle grinder, rubber spatula and a pencil. You also need to prepare the wall  before laying: level it and clean it from dust. There are three main types of styling. "In the bandaging", "seam in the seam" and diagonally. In the first case, each parent row should be displaced half the tiles horizontally, so that the middle of each part is exactly above the seam. The method of "seam in the seam" is the simplest: the tiles are laid out one after another along the vertical and horizontally. As for laying tiles diagonally, this is the most laborious and complex method, which implies a large amount of cutting. However, the tiles will look very original.

After leveling the wall you need to attach the so-called guides. which represent smooth wooden slats. They are fixed on the place where you are going to put on the first row of tiles. If you are going to put the tile on one wall and around the perimeter of the room, it should still strap to attach at the same level on all the walls. The most important thing — align the guides on the level. otherwise the tile will be crooked.

If you decide to lay tile from the floor. you should also make sure of its flatness, and in case of need put on a floor a thin bar. which must be leveled.

Laying tile on the wall, usually starts from the corner. First you need to carefully inspect all the obstacles. that will have to avoid in the process of laying: sockets, switches, holes for water pipes. The process of laying it is necessary to plan carefully so that the tile had to be cut as little as possible.

Further you need to dilute the glue. To take a large number is not necessary, as it quickly stiffens. Now to the corner of the room fasten special area. which makes the joints more aesthetic, and also hides the chips of the tile itself.

Glue is applied to the special tile with a notched trowel. however, you can put it on the wall. There is no significant difference, it all depends on whatever you like. Then take the next tile and so gradually lay out the first horizontal row. It does not forget to insert between the tiles with a special plastic TIC. so that the distance between them is the same. It will also be necessary to ensure that there are no differences between the tiles.

Gradually, the number of tiles you get to the corner, and you need to cut a tile product. You can use a normal glass cutter. to spend multiple times on the marked line, then put the tile on the edge of the table and hit his hand on the side that is in the air. This method is quite complex, since the tiles break very hard. The most convenient option is to use a special tile cutting machine. which can be found on sale in any shop of building tools. The principle of its operation is very simple: you have to put in the tile the tile and draw it several times using the special lever, then push the tile strip. Further the edges of the tile must be treated with a Bulgarian with a special circle for tile.

After laying all the rows of tile to get the x's and to handle the seams with special grout with a rubber spatula. The color of the grout is usually chosen for the color of the tile.

As you can see, the tiling on the wall is quite time consuming process, so if you are sure that you will be able to correctly complete all the steps, we recommend you to seek help from professionals .