If you just bought a new Android-based phone and want to try all its features to the maximum, first of all you need to set up a wi-fi connection. You can do this in any service center, but this experience is an invaluable acquisition and will save a lot of time in the future. So, how do you connect to wi-fi from your phone?

How to connect wifi on phone

To connect to a wi-fi network from your phone, you need to make sure that you are in the wireless network access limit and that your phone has Internet settings. These settings come and are installed automatically after the SIM card is installed. The easiest solution is to connect wi-fi at home using a router. You can also use public networks in restaurants, cafes, metro and other places with an open (without a password) access point.

Advantages of mobile wifi:

  • it's free - unlike 3G modems you do not need to pay for consumed traffic;
  • quick update applications sistemnih programs – automatic setting allows you to silently update the program at any successful event
  • transportability of – you can use the Internet, moving in range of your router or access point, while the computer may not give you such an advantage
  • low energy consumption – the use of wi-fi connection requires several times less battery than using 3G modem.

Today, free wireless communication points are available in almost every public place, so it's not difficult to get online from the phone. To connect wi-fi on android you only need to activate the corresponding function in your phone, having passed in me the settings.

How to set wifi on phone

Correct setting of wai-fay on the phone is the key to uninterrupted and stable operation in any place. You can do this in just a few minutes, if you follow the step-by-step instructions.

Configuring wi-fi on the phone is as follows:

  1. Make sure that the "In plane" or "Offline" was disabled, since in this case the use of a wireless network is impossible.

  • Turn on WIFI by moving the slider in the settings. In some phone models, the feature is called WLAN.
  • Then you need to go to the wireless network settings, using the menu button or simply by clicking on the "wifi" item.

    The list of wireless networks within the range of which you are located will appear on the screen. Select the name of your router or an open access network from the list and connect to it. If the connection attempt fails, the network settings are incorrect. When connected to any network, you get a temporary personal IP address. Most networks issue it automatically, but some require manual configuration.

    How to configure wi-fi manually:

    1. Click the menu button, choose "Advanced" section and go into it.

  • You should make changes in network settings. In the picture you can see that all the data on the connection, but in the case of errors, results IP address, you can enter the data yourself.

    So, the IP address must belong to the network to which you are trying to connect. For example, if the router gives the address from, then you can choose an IP in the range to (this is the basics of networking, and open them in a particular subject does not make sense).

  • The task of the subnet mask is to fix the part of the IP address to determine its affiliation to the network. The gateway is the address of the router distributing the Internet, so its value should also learn and itist in the appropriate field.
  • When you fill out all the fields, save the data and check the network connection. If done correctly, you will have access to the Internet.
  • If in spite of all your efforts wi-fi on the phone does not connect, we recommend that you seek help from a specialist and try not to solve the problem without knowing its source. In this you can help a consultant from the mobile phone center or a technical support specialist in the phone shop.