Painting the ceiling is one of the components of capital repairs of the apartment. This process is quite complicated, and it will need to put a lot of effort. In this article we will tell you how to paint the ceiling.

First of all let me tell you about the tool that you will need for painting. Need cushion width of 50-70 cm, a special tray for paint and a ladder. Cushion better choose a long NAP. Do not buy a foam tool, such as the roller leaves bubbles during painting. A good cushion is no deformation in compression, try to pull out the lint, if this is successful, continue with the search. In addition, on the shaft there should be no seams, otherwise there is a risk that the ceiling will remain stripes after you paint.

To make it as convenient as possible to paint the ceiling, you need to take from the premises all the furniture or cover it with polythene. You should also remove the chandelier and the floor to cover the overlap with the walls. To buy paint best with a small margin.

You can now proceed to the training grounds. The ceiling must be cleaned, freeing the surface from the wash. After that, the surface of the ceiling should be thoroughly wiped with a wet rag to remove dust. If there are any defects on the ceiling, they must be repaired with putty.

The next stage of painting the ceiling is a primer. This procedure is necessary in order that the paint was not absorbed and remained on the surface of the ceiling. As a rule, applied two coats of primer. However, the need to remember that the second coat as the paint is applied after complete drying of the primer.

Start painting the ceiling it is furthest from the entrance to the room corners. It should be noted that you need to paint them with a brush because the roller can simply damage the surface of the wall near the corner. The brush should dip into the paint about half of the pile, and then paint over with it 3-5 inches from the corner. Thus it is recommended to paint the entire perimeter of the room to the line connecting the walls and ceiling looked nice and neat.

Before using the roller you pour the paint into a special tray. Next, thoroughly soak the roller with paint. Now you can start painting the main part of the ceiling: rolled the surface of the roller uniformly, periodically dipping it in a tray of paint. Painting the ceiling follows parallel lapped strips by about 10 centimeters.

As for drying, then you definitely need to darken the Windows, and very tightly close them. In the room there should be a draft. It is not necessary to include heaters. Though this will speed up the drying process, however, there is a risk of dry paint, which will lead to cracks and discoloration.

It is worth noting that after painting very often leave small traces of the cushion, stains or wrinkles. In this case, it applies re-painting. First, you need to carefully inspect the ceiling in daylight to identify all the shortcomings. Then the places of defects should be cleaned again, apply a primer on them and then paint again.

As you can see, painting the ceiling is difficult. So if you doubt that they are able to properly and efficiently perform such a procedure, it is strongly we recommend you to seek help from professionals. who have all the necessary tools and sufficient experience of painting.