Without the use of batteries it is possible to activate almost any phone. In some cases it becomes necessary? There are various emergency situations when the battery is lost and the important data was left, or, for example, if the phone is part of the chain of the alarm or listening system.

The phone work without battery

Can I turn on the phone without the battery? It is believed that it's enough to put it on charge, after which you can enable, but it is not. A conventional device for charging includes the battery, where it first accumulates and then gives them current. The power directly from the charging is impossible: because the amperage is too low, the voltage immediately drops to zero the indicator, as soon as you try to "Wake up" your phone.

To start, you need to make your own or buy a stabilizing power supply that generates a constant voltage of 3.7 V with a maximum load current not exceeding 2 A. the voltage in any case should not be above the acceptable rate, even when the on/off and load changes. Please note that the power supply was protected from over-voltage in case of fault, and also had a prevention in case of short circuit. How to turn on the phone without the battery?

Instructions turn on the phone without the battery:

  1. Turn off the phone, and, disconnecting it from the charger, remove the battery.
  2. Use a voltmeter to find it on the two pins that would match the voltage from 3.2 to 3.7 V. Determine the current polarity of the contacts.
  3. Apply the necessary voltage from the UPS to matching contacts in the housing of the battery compartment. You can solder the ends if different phone will not be used (in this case, the power supply should shut down).
  4. To include first food, and then start the operation of the phone.
  5. Check the operation of the resulting system, you can: connect a telephone to a security system using a USB cable to the total wire circuit was disconnected from the power supply.

It is important to remember that in case of loss of voltage or a disconnection of the contact, the phone instantly shuts down. If the device is part of a burglar alarm system, you should ensure that it was equipped with uninterruptible power supply, which must be protected from temperature fluctuations.

Tip: instead of the power supply, you can make an adjustable stabilizer and voltage stretching, for example, from the computer. Many older models of phones (and these are most often used for dial-in security purposes), requesting a further connection of the resistor, and some devices with TRRS batteries there need for two resistors.

Some models are equipped with a system for reading information from the chip, which is built into the battery. For example, power with the battery removed Siemens in the far terminals. Between them derived information contacts that allow the phone to identify the battery: NiMH or LiIon. These contacts are connected, as a rule, before the last terminal to the "minus" through 20 ohms. This resistor is a temperature sensor during startup of the battery and inside the battery.

To connect it you need:

  • to make a "model" of the battery with playgrounds for contacts or use the housing from the same battery
  • the pads to solder contacts with the resistance, similar to that required in the battery
  • the wires from the power supply are soldered, the main thing is not to mix up the polarity.

As you can see, you can turn on the phone without the battery, for this you need only some adaptations and knowledge from this article.