If you have decided to build a small structure on your land, you definitely need to know how to pour concrete. since this material is used for installation of foundations of the future building.

{!LANG-73ef73d0acc58e03957ded90ceca8e4b!}you will need to purchase a sufficient quantity of cement and sand{!LANG-5b466e1e40dd6edd41eaf594d3806694!}

When you buy cement be sure to pay attention to its brand, which should not be below 500{!LANG-4bbb35f19a9878d30f8b09d0e4550b3e!}

Before preparation of a solution necessarily as should sift the sand. You can use special construction sieve{!LANG-439174fb533dfb041e3d20aeb7cf6c42!}

The solution should be mixed in a large container in the vicinity of the pit, which will need to dig for installation of the Foundation. Otherwise you will take for a concrete pouring a lot of time{!LANG-457d53ebf67cd92f8c86c99fb12a8548!}

If possible, we recommend to use special mobile concrete mixer{!LANG-960b80243bbf6740373945d4041a5733!}

We should also talk about reinforcement. For Foundation definitely need to use rebar. which use a special rod or steel wire with a large cross-section. In addition, for reinforcement you can use practically any metal objects: angles, pipes, rods, channels and so on{!LANG-05e237bbcbfb7d83a2b465eb997f2ec6!}

{!LANG-b47f15de636b2690b80e7a1ceb8b1d28!}{!LANG-efaa899ca5017023ed85b6435938decb!}. that will allow him more firmly and securely fit rebar of the Foundation. After the last band filled the layer, you need to top to fill a small layer (1-2 mm) of dry pure cement. Now we need to wait until the Foundation is completely dry, you can then go to the upload cap.

As you can see, to pour concrete for the Foundation is not so difficult as it might seem at first glance. The main thing — the presence of a sufficient quantity of cement, sand and water, as well as the necessary tools. In addition, it is better to perform this work independently, and to call one or two people. The fact that the sifting sand and mixing mortar are quite lengthy and time-consuming procedure. However, if you are sure that you will be able to complete all the steps, we recommend you to seek help from professionals .



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