For some reason, many believe that posters in the interior rooms are allowed to use only fanateyuschie teenagers and geeks. However, this is misleading: the poster may well be a stylish decoration of your interior. It is important to match the chosen style of the design space.

We have the word "poster" is associated mainly with posters depicting famous people and characters{!LANG-9432f1c2d9b350f2fa2c07a7d43ce0ea!}

However, the posters — it's not just "fan-made" posters. A poster can be called any artistically designed poster, which is used for decorative purposes{!LANG-49128eedbed65479c23ee83efcd0f84e!}

How to use the posters in the interior? It is important to understand that not every style of interior they would be appropriate. Often posters are used in modern styles of interior{!LANG-797ddef98df4a70ce97587fcf705d8e0!}

Posters in the interior are a kind of connecting link between space and decor items{!LANG-58b5c37e0cd44be9000cdaf2b8310e0a!}

You can buy a poster or make it to order themselves by choosing the image that, in your opinion, will perfectly fit into the interior. When you select the poster and its placement in the interior take into consideration the size and purpose of the room, as well as the symbolism of the poster{!LANG-4537af589dd32e4ebfbf12e137813167!}

The main criterion for the selection of the poster is its quality{!LANG-5775aeddd98984129a8a1dae9b53c04f!}

The image on the poster should be clear, color — rich{!LANG-ad5bf4dc86a3ca09e4313217124012c7!}

Cost of poster is also important. Of course, the poster is cheaper than painting (which is why they are so popular), but a really good poster really can't be cheap. The cost of the poster depends on the quality and number of copies. The smaller copies of the poster (i.e. the poster is unique), the higher the cost{!LANG-06839bebbd7cee22e0744a7d30944aa1!}

Hang a poster should be so so it does not get direct sunlight. even the highest quality posters eventually fade, and the sunlight will only accelerate this process. Often posters make in a beautiful passe-partout, baguettes or frame.

If you hang close a few small posters{!LANG-b43ae9c26ea457eab89ec615c04ac96e!}

Do not be afraid to use the posters in the interior: quality poster with an interesting image perfectly replaces the picture{!LANG-c3aa883f6fe4a1d7479ba56acb4ab0b0!}