The types of seals


It is therefore better to take the rubber seals. Types there are many – are designed for different doors and cracks. If the door you closed, in General, is tight and no significant gaps, you can take a thin R-neck sealant, which will eliminate small cracks. If you have a serious gap between the door leaf and the frame (this is most often found on welded doors from a single sheet of metal), then the best fit D-shaped – thick gasket that can close the gap with a thickness up to 5 mm.



As a rule, welded doors, made from a single sheet of metal and the corners are on the inner side of the cavity. If this is the door, the process of warming is extremely easy. It suffices to take a suitable insulation, e.g. polystyrene, or Styrofoam, cut it into pieces, in accordance with the size of the cavities and attach to the canvas.