In Soviet times, almost everyone knew how to weld a flour paste. Firstly, this material was quite cheap, and secondly, then it was very difficult to buy a special adhesive for wallpaper because of a shortage of goods.

Today there is no shortage, and any building material can be easily purchased at the store. However, few people know that self-prepared paste can become a better product than a store. For example, for gluing wallpaper, the paste is the most suitable, especially if you do not have the time to pre-process the walls. The fact is that the substance works fine even with oil paint and will be able to hold the thickest wallpaper.

In addition, home made paste is an environmentally friendly product that does not contain harmful chemicals. You can be sure that your loved ones will not get a dose of poisonous chemicals in their own home.

Adhesive material is useful not only for wallpaper, gluing windows for the winter, but also for the manufacture of hand-made articles. Also with its help it is very convenient to glue the seeds on the tape. Below you will learn how to weld a flour paste with your own hands.

How to make paste from flour: recipe

This paste is great for wallpapering. Before starting cooking, make approximate calculations to determine the required volume of the product.

You will need:

Also prepare a bowl for cooking and a container for the finished substance. Buckets or large deep pans are best suited. Still need gauze for filtering, so that there are no lumps left. Take the flour of poor quality, as it is more sticky.

Stages of preparation:

  • fill the container with water and boil. Disconnect the fire and gradually pour in water, flour. Add it in small portions and stir slowly to form large clumps is to remove them later will be difficult. If initially the water in the bucket was approximately 2/3 of the estimated volume of paste, the resulting product will be similar in viscosity to the batter for pancakes
  • next, put the mixture on the stove for 15-20 minutes or heat in a water bath
  • cool the paste and strain it through a gauze cloth. Make sure that the mass does not hit debris or sand.

Flour paste for wallpaper is ready!

Note: Apply the adhesive to the wallpaper conveniently with a brush or roller. If droplets of paste go to the front side of the wallpaper, they can easily be removed with a piece of gauze.

Video about cooking house paste:

Starch paste

A starch paste is excellent for making papier-mâché and other handicrafts. The method of preparation is very simple and does not take much time.

In a bowl, dilute one tablespoon of potato starch and five tablespoons of cold water. The resulting mixture should be similar in consistence to sour cream. Stir well to leave no lumps.

Five tablespoons of water boil, and then pour into it a thin stream of dissolved starch with constant stirring. If the mass is too thick, then change the proportions slightly and add more water.

Such a paste should be used only while it is warm. Shelf life - no more than five hours, do not prepare for the harvest.

Note: In the process of solidification, a film forms on the surface of the starch paste. Be careful and make sure that it does not get on the product, otherwise it will not work.

Now you know how to make a paste of flour and starch. Choose a suitable recipe and boldly start the cooking process!