Consultants online store bedding prepared for you an overview that will help determine the choice of a set of linens for the bedroom.

Under the bedclothes are meant several products corresponding to the style, visual concept. A standard set includes several sheets, pillowcases and a duvet cover. Given the size and use, the number of tissue solutions can be adjusted. Note that the depth of human sleep is directly dependent on these pastel accessories.

On sale is a huge number of varieties of bed linen. However, experts identify several main types, according to which it is customary to distinguish individual sets.

Classification by size

Given the equipment, the size of the blanket, pillow and mattress, you can distinguish several sets, widely represented on the market:

  • baby – pillow case: 400x600 mm, duvet cover: 1150х1470 mm, sheets: 1200х1500 mm
  • "lorry" – pillow case: 700х700 mm, duvet cover: 1800х2150 mm
  • "Euro-standard" – pillow case: 510х760 mm, duvet cover: 1450х2000 mm, sheets: 900х1900 mm
  • double – pillow case: 700х700 mm, duvet cover: 1800х2150 mm, sheets: 2400х2600 mm
  • family  - pillowcase: 500x700 mm, duvet covers: 2150x1480 mm, sheets: 2400x2200.

For the sake of justice, it should be noted that the above classification is only valid in the CIS countries. Yes, and manufacturers can independently change the size of products by 100-150 mm.

The density of the fabric

Experts determine the tissue density, calculating the total number of interlaced threads per square centimeter.

The bed linen is divided according to the specified criterion as follows:

  • low – Baptiste – from 20 to 30 threads/1 cm 2
  • medium – linen, cotton – 35 to 65 yarns/1 cm 2
  • above average fabrics on the artificial basis of the Turkish silk – from 66 to 80 threads
  • high – satin, silk from China, percale, from 82 to 120 threads
  • very high Japanese silk, glossy satin – from 130 to 280 threads.

Note that fabrics with a higher density can boast an exceptionally long service life and impeccable reliability.

Classification of tissues

Each label of bedding necessarily contains a label on which the material used for the production of a particular product is indicated. Silk, cotton and linen are most often used. Let us dwell on them in more detail.

Cotton can boast excellent durability, strength, and impeccable hygienic characteristics.

Flax - has a good level of thermal conductivity, resistance to stretching, strength. It is not surprising that this material is one of the oldest in the world.

Baptiste is a universal fabric in which all the positive properties of cotton and flax are filigree. With its fineness and lightness it is distinguished by its strength, hygroscopicity and hypoallergenicity.

Natural silk is a very smooth and resilient material with excellent hygienic characteristics.

Viscose is a common natural tissue, based on cellulose. By adjusting the number of fibers, the way they are interlaced, several materials comparable to cotton, wool and flax can be obtained at once.

Fibers based on bamboo are ecologically safe and modern material that allows you to correct the temperature of the body, keeping it at optimal values. Due to the porous tissue structure it effectively absorbs moisture.

Microfiber is an incredibly soft, synthetic and at the same time tactilely pleasing fabric. Characterized by the ability to cool, quickly dries, retains impeccable appearance for a long time.

How to take care of clothes properly

Experts strongly recommend after the purchase of laundry thoroughly wash the kit, because no one is able to guarantee good storage conditions.

It is very important to adhere to other recommendations:

  • only wash colored clothes with colored and white with white
  • it is not recommended to wash in a full machine, there has to be enough space
  • synthetic fabric, never wash with natural
  • bedding ironed slightly damp.

When choosing bed linen, you must take into account the quality of the material, and only after you estimate the cost of the product itself.

In our online store "Constellation of Dreams" all sets of bed linens are certified, so you can not doubt the quality of the product when you buy.