Japanese cuisine – a mysterious, exotic. Japanese cuisine nowadays has gained immense popularity all over the world. And, of course, the most famous of these dishes – sushi.

The term sushi or sushi (more properly) in our time is commonly understood as a piece of fish fillet lying on a ball of rice cooked in a special way.

There are many types of sushi, from the classic (nigiri-sushi) to modern (with eggs, shrimps, vegetables, fruit). If the filling and rice wrapped in seaweed or algae (nori), we get sushi-Maki. Futomaki is sushi with several types of toppings in one bite sashimi is Susi with the original cut piece of fish, uramaki – sushi rice outside, etc.

The products necessary to prepare various types of sushi, it is not always easy to get even in modern domestic supermarkets. So we offer You the recipe Susi. ingredients for which you can buy at any domestic store.

Sushi salmon

For this recipe you will need the following ingredients:

  1. Wash rice in cold water and put to boil. The water level in the pan should be 2 cm above the level of rice. Once the water boils, close the pan with a lid and reduce the heat to low. After 20-25 minutes the rice is ready.
  2. While cooking the rice, prepare the sauce for rice. For this you need the vinegar to dissolve the sugar and put on low heat. Immediately after boiling syrup, remove from heat, add lemon. The sauce is ready.
  3. Boiled rice and cooked the sauce must be mixed. 1 kg of rice requires 100 g of sauce. Mix need very carefully, so weight should have absorbed the sauce. Cooked rice mass to cool to room temperature.
  4. To prepare salmon. Salmon steak should be chilled and cut in half. You need to take one half of the steak, measuring 6-7 cm and cut perpendicular to the carcass. The resulting piece to clear the skin. Further, this piece needs to be cut into rectangular pieces 10-14 g (should make about 4 slices).
  5. To mold the sushi. You need to lightly moisten your hands with water, take salmon in the right hand and place a piece of fish across the left palm. Next you need to coat the piece of fish with a small amount of horseradish. Right hand to form a ball of the prepared rice. To put it in the center of the fish, and give it a rectangular shape. Flip the workpiece and to smooth the edges of the fingers of the right hand.

Well, sushi of salmon ready! Bon appetit!