Take the ham. Can different varieties. Olive oil in a frying pan with high sides, fry the onion with the ham. Separately cook the pasta, but not until done, and to state a little undercooked and insufficiently.

Drain off water, the pasta does not wash. In a separate bowl mix the cream (20% fatter, you need about 400 grams) curry and Basil. Stir thoroughly, of course, will not work, but still need to try. Pour in podzharivayte ham onions with the mixture, wait until boil (this is very fast). As boil – put back the pasta and mix thoroughly.

  To consume under white wine. However, under vodka - is also not bad.

For ears not to drag.

Olive oil, in principle, can be replaced with cream, but there will be, so to speak, Italian authenticity. Macaroni should be taken good, such as Pasta Zara, you do not need to save here. Of course, the best spaghetti, but you can replace it with some snails - it will be easier to stir. Ham can be replaced with some seafood - there will be a completely different pasta.