Pancakes – one of the most popular dishes of traditional Russian and Ukrainian cuisine. Golden, crispy, buttered pancakes symbolize the Sun, which anciently worshipped by the Slavs. The pancakes are thin and thick, sweet and savoury, with a variety of fillings.

During the festivities on Shrove Tuesday it is customary to enjoy pancakes, welcoming the imminent onset of spring. And although winter is only comes into its own, and in the evenings outside the window, crunching the newly fallen snow, a nice memory of the summer warmth will be a wonderful hot pancakes. Therefore we offer you the recipe of thin pancakes with milk .

Traditionally, pancakes are baked on a cast-iron frying pan, greased with butter, butter or vegetable oil. If you use a modern frying pan with Teflon coating to prepare pancakes, then you can not lubricate it.

Pancakes on milk thin

For the preparation You will need:

  • milk – 1 liter
  • eggs – 6 PCs.
  • sugar – 1 tbsp
  • flour – 2 cups
  • vegetable oil – 1 tbsp
  • fat for greasing the pan

To prepare the dough, combine sugar, flour and eggs. Gradually add in the milk mixture, stirring constantly to avoid lumps. You can use a blender. Add to the dough vegetable oil.

The resulting dough should be moderately liquid so that it can spread in a frying pan. Consistency of a good pancake dough can be compared with the consistency of 15% sour cream.

Thoroughly preheat the pan. Brush it with fat. You can use lard or vegetable oil. The fat layer should be as thin as possible.

The dough is poured into a frying pan with a special spoon (although you can use another suitable tool, for example, a small scoop). To get a thin even layer of dough, pour it with a spoon, tilt the frying pan in different directions.

Turn the pancake should be, when the dough has already ceased to be liquid, and on the surface of the pancake appeared bubbles. To turn over pancakes, you can use two spatulas, making sure that the pancake does not tear. Some professionals to turn pancakes throw them into the air and, when the pancake turns over, catch it with a frying pan. Before each new pancake pan grease the pan.

Ready pancakes smeared with butter and served hot with sour cream, jam, honey. You can make pancakes with almost any filling. On the edge of the pancake put the filling and fold the pancake into a tube or folded envelope. You can season the pancakes with the sauce. Bon appétit!