The combination of delicate creamy taste, aromatic caramel and nuts will give real pleasure to lovers of sweets. In addition, nut rolls can not be cut, and wrap them in beautiful wrapping, to tie decorative ribbon and give as a gift to the holiday table. Try making nut rolls for this recipe. Yum!

Nut rolls

To prepare 40 pieces You will need:

  • ingredients:
    • cream – 200 g
    • icing sugar – 270g
    • vanilla – 1 tsp
    • unsalted butter – 60 g
    • caramel – 400 g
    • whipped cream – 2 tbsp
    • chopped nuts (any) – 220 g
  • inventory:
    • bowl medium size
    • film food
  1. In a bowl, combine the cream, powdered sugar, butter and vanilla.
  2. RUB the mixture manually until a thick homogeneous mass.
  3. Divide the mass into 4 pieces salmon rolls from them.
  4. Wrap received the tube with cling film and put in a cool place for cooling.
  5. Caramel melt in a water bath, add the cream.
  6. The tube dipped in hot caramel, then immediately roll in chopped nuts.
  7. Store the tubes should be refrigerated.
  8. When filing on the table rolls can be cut into a few slices.