Seafood is not only very nutritious and useful, but also very tasty. There are many different dishes prepared on the basis of seafood. For example,shrimp salad cooked very quickly, has a fresh pleasant taste. Salad recipe with shrimp the land of the Soviets offers to Your attention.

To prepare the salad with shrimp You will need:

  • cooked peeled prawns – 0.5 kg
  • crab sticks – 200 g
  • cucumbers – 2 PCs.
  • sour cream
  • mayonnaise
  • ketchup
  • garlic
  • dill
  • black pepper powder
  • cherry tomatoes
  • salad

To prepare the salad of fresh cucumbers peel and cut into large strips. Crab sticks finely chop.

Mix cucumbers with shrimp (if large - cut), cherry tomatoes, crab sticks and dill.

Put the leaves of the salad on the bottom of the salad bowl. Salad fill with dressing and put it in a salad bowl.

To prepare the dressing, mix sour cream and mayonnaise in equal parts, add salt and pepper, minced garlic and a little ketchup to taste. The resulting dressing should have a slightly pinkish tinge.