Berry juice a great refreshing drink for summer! Besides, it not only refreshes the pleasant cool, but also extremely useful, because it retains all the nutrients and vitamins. Juice prepared from fruit with added sugar. The required amount of sugar steals up to taste, for example, in cranberry juice, you can add more sugar.

To prepare berry juice from any fruit in season, e.g. strawberries, black and red currant, cranberry, lingonberry. You can also put in the juice slice of lemon or orange – this will give the drink a spicy touch. We offer you a recipe of berry juice.

Berry juice

To prepare 10 servings berry juice You will need

To juice wash and sort out berries. You can take the berries of one species, e.g., strawberries, currants or raspberries and a mixture of different berries.

Stretch the berries and squeeze the juice from them through the cheesecloth.

The remaining pulp pour hot water and boil for 10-20 minutes. Add sugar, cool.

Mix the extracted juice and the syrup. Serve the juice with ice cubes.