Ice cream differs from other types of ice-cream increased milk fat content, in average, from 12% to 20%. Homemade ice cream sundae easy to prepare, and it can be used as a separate dish and as a base for refreshing desserts.

Homemade ice cream plombir Country of advice offers to cook this recipe - it's something in the summer heat!

Homemade ice cream sundae

For making homemade ice cream You will need:

  • the yolk of chicken eggs – 4 PCs.
  • cream 10% – 200 ml
  • cream 35% – 500 ml
  • powdered sugar – 1 Cup
  • vanillin

To prepare homemade ice cream, fill the yolks with white sugar powder. Gently mix with 10% cream, beat with a mixer, add vanillin. Put on a slow fire.

With constant stirring, bring the mixture almost to a boil, but do not allow it to boil. Blend the mixture through a cheesecloth or sieve and cool. Put in the freezer for freezing.

Cream 35% whipped in a strong foam. Connect with a semi-frozen cream of eggs and cream. Blend the mixture and put it in the freezer for freezing.

After 1,5-2 hours mix again whisk and freeze until cooked. If desired, you can add chocolate, nuts, raisins, etc. to the ice cream.