Gutters for winter the “overseas”. Gutters for the winter has a delicate texture, pleasant taste, delightful aroma. And, of course, the gutters for the winter is an extremely useful product which will replenish the lack of vitamins in the cold winter.

There are many recipes for canning aubergines, but it is eggplant caviar for the winter, like no other recipe, enjoys the nationwide love and recognition.

Gutters for winter

To make these eggplant caviar for the winter You will need:

  • eggplant – 1 kg
  • tomatoes – 1 kg
  • onions – 0.5 kg
  • carrot – 0.2 kg
  • parsley – 50 g
  • sweet pepper – 5 PCs.
  • salt, sugar – to taste
  • vegetable oil - 300 g
  • Apple is 0.75 EA.

Wash the eggplant, peel. Then cut into slices, fry in vegetable oil and mince.

Tomato wash, pour over boiling water, then cold water. To remove the skin. Mince.

Carrots and peppers cut into circles, onions - rings. Fry together with parsley in vegetable oil. Pass through the meat grinder.

Mix the vegetables and heat until the mass becomes thick. Salt to taste, add sugar. If desired, at the end of the evaporation, you can add the apple passed through the meat grinder.

The hot mixture is spread on hot sterile jars, rolled up. Wrap up and leave until completely cooled. Transfer to a cool storage place.