Stewed pears for preparations for the winter to cook from whole intact pear or sliced fruit. If necessary, a compote of pears is added citric acid. Sugar stewed pears should be put to taste, depending on the varieties of pears.

Stewed pears

To prepare compote of pears You will need:

  • pear
  • sugar
  • water
  • citric acid if needed

Prepare pears for compote. To do this, select the fruits mature, but not too soft. Pears can be cleaned and cut, and can be left whole.

Prepare jars for compote of pears: wash the cans to sterilize over steam for 5 minutes. For compote of pears, it is best to take 3-liter cans.

Banks prepared to lay down the pears, filling them about 1-3 or 1/2 volume. The more pears, the more concentrated is the juice of pears.

Boil pour the pears and leave for 3-5 minutes. Then pour the water into a basin or pan.

Add sugar to taste, lemon juice if necessary. The syrup to boil.

Pour boiling syrup pears (up to the top), cover the banks with boiled lids, sterilize 40-45 minutes (from the boiling point of water).

With the help of a compression machine, roll up the cans with lids. Inverted form cover with a warm blanket, cool.

Completely cooled compote of pears to put away for storage.