Human life is unique and multifaceted: communication with relatives and friends, visiting interesting places, the opportunity to learn a lot of new and surprising things, to be aware of the events taking place in the world and their hometown. A special attention deserves work, which often becomes one of the most important components of human life. How much you want to have time for each of us! However, some do it more difficult than others.

What is

It is for people with disabilities that the unique web-portal is created. On one site there are a lot of services that can be useful and interesting for people with disabilities. On the site you can find the sections: helps disabled people communicate, look for the second half, get legal aid and medical advice. It is a multifunctional portal that opens new horizons for people with disabilities.

In the section "Bureau of Justice" you can turn to the virtual receptionist of the State Duma deputy Sergei Mironov to ask a question or ask for help.

However, a section of the portal dedicated to employment deserves special interest: These are not just recommendations that should help a person with disabilities find a job. These are actual vacancies with the indication of the size of the salary, functional duties, working conditions.

How it works

People with disabilities can find many interesting offers on the site from potential employers. If a person does not find anything suitable or interesting for themselves, he can leave his resume right on the site, filling in the fields of the special form.

It is not necessary to worry about the reliability of the employer. Thanks to a special system of verification, the organizers believe in the good faith of the employer and the competence of the applicant.

A comprehensive approach will allow disabled people to find really interesting and suitable vacancies. The Dislife project combines:

  • a virtual platform for employment
  • mobile app
  • call-center.

The organizers of the project made every effort to ensure comfortable interaction of people with disabilities who are interested in obtaining a workplace and applicants. Project specialists actively help employers to find an employee, and job seekers to find a job. At all stages of employment, people with disabilities can apply for consulting support to portal specialists. At the final stage of the interview in case of admission to the position, employers undertake to conclude an employment contract with the applicants.

The site is already working today, and on the page you can get acquainted with the main directions in the activity of this project.

Dislife - a new level of social policy

Now the portal ceases to be an initiative of just a few indifferent citizens who are not indifferent to the lives of people with disabilities. Today can be safely called a platform of federal significance.

The fact is that the state supported this project: the organizers of Dislife have obtained the right to receive financial assistance from the federal budget. The subsidies allocated by the state are directed to support the program on employment of disabled people in the framework of the "Affordable Environment" program.

The fact that such a project as exists, is a huge leap forward in the sphere of support and assistance to people with disabilities. Due to the project, people with disabilities can find a lot of information on medical and legal issues, learn about current events for them or just talk. Even to find a job, while receiving counseling support from specialists throughout the process of employment.

And all these features are collected on one portal, which is very convenient. To make your life better, you do not need to wander through a lot of organizations, do not need to dial someone, do not need to reread the stack of documents. You can just go to the site That's so easy and simple project Dislife changes the lives of people with disabilities in a qualitatively better way.

It is also gratifying that the organizers of the project were able to get real support from the state. Indeed, benefits and social benefits are also very useful. But the opportunity to earn money independently, as well as to know about your rights - is no less valuable. Understanding of this by the state authorities opens up new boundaries of social policy. This is really a small revolution, done for the benefit of big goals.