One of the most popular New Year's desserts in the West iscaramel apples. Apples caramel in bright (usually red) on a stick they sell there almost on every corner in anticipation of the holidays. The land of the Soviets offers a recipe in this Christmas dessert.

Caramel apples

To prepare this dessert at home, you will need the following ingredients (based on 2 servings):

  • 2 apples
  • 150 g sugar
  • 1 tsp. lemon juice

The apples for this dish is better to take smooth, beautiful form, not worm-eaten. Preferable sour apples because the caramel is very sweet, and if sweet will be even and the fruit itself, it can be too.

Wash the apples and wipe dry. For dessert, suited only to completely dry the fruit. Prepare the pan in which you will put the finished apples. Best suited wide flat dish, greased with refined vegetable oil or lined with wax paper (so the apples don't stick).

Take a pan, pour into it the sugar, pour the lemon juice and put on medium heat. Constantly stir and wait until sugar is caramelized. If the sugar will melt too quickly, turn heat down, otherwise the caramel may become dark and start to taste bitter.

Once the sugar is melted and turns into a thick syrup, put the Apple on the skewer or wooden stick and dip into caramel. This must be done very quickly. Before dipping the apples, reduce heat. But to remove the pan — the caramel will thicken. If Apple failed to dip completely, pour it from the spoon. Ready Apple put on a plate and let cool.

If desired, you can add in caramel food coloring to get different colored apples. Can apples not yet had time to harden the caramel, roll in chopped nuts or coconut.