An excellent addition to the New Year's table will becocktails with martini. to be more precise - cocktails with vermouth. It so happened that in the people vermouth is associated with one manufacturer, in fact for cocktails will suit vermouth of any brand to your liking.

It is believed that for the first time this cocktail was prepared in the New York club Manhattan. It is said that his mother, Winston Churchill, who wanted to celebrate the election of Sir Samuel Tildon as Governor of New York State, prepared it.To make this cocktail, take:

  • Rosso vermouth — 1 part
  • whiskey - part 2
  • Angostura bitters – a few drops
  • cherry cocktail - 1 piece
  • ice

Take the mixing glass and fill it with crushed ice for one third. Pour a few drops of bitter Angostura, whiskey and vermouth into it, mix all the ingredients. Filter the cocktail in a cocktail glass and decorate it with a cherry.

Despite the name, this cocktail is originally from Italy. And named it in honor of the Americans who came to Italy in 1917, during the First world war. To prepare the cocktail "American" you will need:

  • sweet red vermouth — 1 part
  • bitter Campari — 1 part
  • lemon — one clove
  • soda
  • ice

Fill the wine glass with ice. Pour into it a sweet red vermouth (for example, Cinzano Rosso) and bitter Campari. Add soda water to taste and decorate with a slice of lemon. If you take a dry vermouth instead of a sweet one, you will get a Dry Americano cocktail. You can replace the soda water with gin - then you get a Negroni cocktail.

A vodka Martini

And still no Martini cocktails are not as popular as vodka martinis. This legendary cocktail was like James bond, the intrepid and elusive 007. The main rule of this cocktail — "shaken, not stirred". Ingredients for this cocktail:

  • vodka 8 parts
  • dry vermouth — 2 parts
  • green olive

Mix the vodka with the vermouth in the shaker. Pour the cocktail into a cocktail glass and decorate with green olive on a toothpick (instead of it you can use a spiral of lemon peel). If this cocktail is made with ice, serve it in a glass tumbler.