There are plenty of recipes for salads with chicken, because chicken meat is ideal for salads — it's quite hearty, but delicate and non-greasy. The land of the Soviets tell you how to cook salad with chicken and prunes.

Salad with chicken and prunes: option 1

To prepare this dish we need:

  • chicken fillet — 300 g
  • prunes — 150 g
  • walnuts — 100 g
  • hard cheese — 100 g
  • eggs — 5 PCs.
  • mayonnaise, salt — to taste

To start prepare all the ingredients. Chicken fillet boil until tender, cook hard-boiled eggs and cool under cold water so they are easier to clean. Chicken finely chop. Peel eggs, separate the whites from the yolks and grate them separately on a small grater. Also grate cheese, nuts and prunes finely chop.

Spread the salad layers: first a chicken, then yolks, then prunes, cheese, nuts, squirrels. Each layer is blotted with mayonnaise, and the top of the salad is also. Before you serve the salad on the table, you need to put it for a while in the fridge so that it cools and soaks.

Salad with chicken and prunes: option 2

To prepare this variation of the famous recipe we will take the following products:

  • chicken fillet — 500 g
  • mushrooms — 500 g
  • hard cheese — 200 g
  • walnuts — 5-6 pieces
  • prunes — 5-6 pieces
  • mushroom oil
  • onion, salt, pepper, mayonnaise — to taste

Boil the chicken fillet until ready, let it cool down and cut into cubes. Champignons are chopped and fried with onions. Hard cheese cut into cubes, walnuts and prunes cut into large chunks. Mix all the ingredients of the salad, salt, pepper and dress with mayonnaise.