One of the best dishes for summer heat is cold soup. The usual assortment of soups, served cold, usually limited to hash Yes the beetroot. Why not to diversify your diet of original Bulgarian cold soup?

Bulgarian cold soup (tarator)

Traditional cold soup, popular in Bulgaria and Macedonia, called tarator. It is made with natural liquid yoghurt. Since what is sold under the guise of yogurt in our country has nothing to do with real Bulgarian yoghurt, it is quite possible to use yogurt or yogurt as a basis for soup.

So, to prepare a cold soup tarator, we need:

  • natural yogurt or kefir - 500 ml
  • sunflower oil — 100 ml
  • small cucumbers — 4 PCs.
  • garlic — 4 cloves
  • shelled walnuts — 0.5 art.
  • dill — a small bunch
  • salt to taste

Pour yogurt in a bowl and whisk with a beater or mixer for four minutes.

Cucumbers wash, dry it with tissue paper and trimmed the ends. Chop cucumbers into fine strips and sprinkle with salt to let the juice. If cucumbers have a tough skin, it must be clean.

We peel the garlic and rub it in a mortar and a quarter of a glass of walnuts to a homogeneous mass. We add garlic-nut butter to a bowl with yogurt, pour in sunflower-seed oil and beat.

The remaining quarter of a glass of nuts and dill greens are very finely chopped. We add nuts, dill and cucumbers together with the juice to the soup. Solim to taste, mix. If the soup is too thick, we add ice-cold boiled water to it.

It is possible, together with the tarator, to serve a bowl with finely crushed ice to the table, as in Bulgaria.