Adults and children love chocolate bars. But few think about the fact that the taste of your favorite treats, you can play at home. The land of the Soviets tell you how to cook cake “Snickers”. the taste is not inferior to its prototype.

Cake “Snickers”

Its recognizable taste, this bar is bound to peanuts, chocolate and caramel. As you can see — nothing extraordinary. Chocolate and peanut do not get the problem, replace the caramel condensed milk. To prepare the cake, “Snickers”, we need :

For the dough:

  • flour — 1 tbsp.
  • sugar — 1 tbsp.
  • eggs — 5 PCs.
  • chocolate is 70-100 g
  • milk — 2 tbsp
  • baking powder — 2 tsp
  • vanilla to taste

For the first cream:

  • cream with a fat content of 30-35% — 400 g
  • sugar — 2 tbsp

For the second cream:

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  • soft butter — 100 g
  • chopped roasted peanuts — 80-100 g

For the glaze:

  • chocolate — 100 g
  • milk — 2 tbsp

Break the eggs and separate the yolks from the whites. Beat the egg yolks with sugar and vanilla. Pour the milk into a bowl. Break the chocolate into pieces and put milk. Melt the chocolate in a water bath or in the microwave, mix it with milk until smooth, combine with the yolks and whisk.




Cake “Snickers” without baking

If you don't want to mess with baking cakes, you can cook the cake “Snickers” cookies that do not require baking. For its preparation we will need :

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  • peanuts 300 g
  • soft butter — 250 g
  • sour cream — 200 g
  • butter biscuits — 4 packs
  • cocoa — 4 tbsp
  • sugar — 2 tbsp
  • chopped peanuts for decoration

Biscuit breaks into fine crumbs. Take 200 g of softened butter, pour it in condensed milk and beat with a mixer until the consistency of the mixture will not be homogeneous.