According to statistics, 87% of European young people's main choice in life considers exactly the definition of their future profession. Well, with them – young and ambitious – something to accept.

Some people think that the specialty is for the whole life, and on how accurate its choice is, the achievement of high career goals and financial independence depends. Therefore, in the West, in the high school classes, special attention is paid to a variety of testing and determining the suitability of the "future nation".

But the applicants of the post-Soviet space chosen profession are very vague, and further career even more so. Therefore, sometimes they make a list of interesting professions for themselves, based on quite simple and understandable principles. Here they are, these principles.

So the prestige of the profession. This, as a rule, guided by children from wealthy families who are not worried about the upcoming earnings. The list of prestigious specialties includes those that are relevant to creativity and international relations: journalist, advertising and PR, international economy, political science, variety art, design ... Applicants are going to apply this knowledge in practice at foreign company offices or directly abroad. Good - powerful dad and mom help.

Further – stability. This principle implies guaranteed employment and permanent demand in the labour market. Among the stable can be attributed to profession, government agencies, sociologists, tax inspectors, specialists of the municipal administration.

Perspective.   The main question here is: do societies need a profession they like or have they gone into oblivion forever? In this case, parents together with their sons-daughters study the demand for specialists in various fields.

Now the first lines of the rating are occupied by professions related to computer technologies, the sphere of hotel industry and tourism. Further - logistics, telecommunications, insurance business ... But, according to the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of Ukraine, experts in economics, finance, and law were released for 10 whole years ahead. Therefore, students of relevant faculties may have problems with employment.

The last principle – the money has. The majority of students chooses a specialty based on future income. Psychologists say that it relates to the experiences of parents of many children who suffered from lack of funds due to changes in economic conditions in our country. Leaders in the “money” scale are, of course, accountants, lawyers and managers.

In general, the dream of many schoolchildren is to learn "to the boss", because he has the biggest salary. And it does not matter what and whom to lead. That's it - clear, short and childlike honest. But in the adult world, if there is a desire to make a career, first you need to determine the scope of activities, based on your abilities, to get an education, maybe not even one. For example, abroad, the specialty "management" is usually chosen by those who already have a basic profile education and need to improve their skills precisely as a leader.

How to choose a profession is up to you, but remember that in any case, it should be to your liking. Otherwise, doing unloved, though three times profitable business, you go against yourself. In addition, it is difficult to put on such work, to strive to do it better, set goals and go to them. Therefore, think carefully about your choice.