And You do not try to cook a delicious candied home? Their cook is not very difficult, and the resulting product very much will please You. The land of the Soviets offers to cook candied pumpkin.

Candied, home-made, totally natural, do not contain preservatives and dyes. Fruits and berries for the preparation of candied fruits can be taken any: apples, lemons, oranges, melons and watermelon crusts. But today we offer to cook candied pumpkins.

Candied pumpkin: a recipe first

To make candied fruit for this recipe, You'll need :

  • 1 kg of pumpkin
  • 300 ml of water
  • 1.2 kg sugar
  • 3 g citric acid
  • vanilla
  • powdered sugar

For the preparation of candied fruits you should always take a ripe pumpkin of sweet varieties. Wash the pumpkin thoroughly and peel it. Cut it into pieces and remove the seeds. The cleared pulp is cut into cubes of 1.5-2 cm in size.

Blanch the pumpkin in boiling water for 8-10 minutes, then cool it under cold running water and transfer it to the enameled basin. Make sugar syrup out of water and sugar, add citric acid to it. Strain the syrup and pour a pumpkin on it.

Cook the pumpkin on low heat for about 15 minutes, after which it should be left for 10 hours. Secondary cooking also lasts 15 minutes and then the pumpkin must be 110 hours. In the third process of cooking pumpkin uvarivaetsja until tender. Now you can add in future a candied vanilla.

Pumpkin pieces are thrown into a colander and allowed to drain for 1.5-2 hours. Then they spread out in a row on a sieve and dried in the oven at a temperature of 35-40 ° C. Finished candied fruits are dumped in powdered sugar and dried again.

Candied pumpkin: recipe second

  • 1 kg of pumpkin
  • 400 g of sugar
  • 200 ml of water
  • 1 lemon or orange
  • ground cinnamon
  • powdered sugar

Candied fruit is easy to cook with this recipe, and an orange or a lemon will give them a pleasant aroma and flavor. As in the first recipe, cut the pumpkin into pieces and cook the syrup from the water and sugar. Pour the pumpkin into a container, in which you will prepare candied fruits, add there sliced ​​lemon or orange. Fill it with sugar syrup and cook the pumpkin on low heat until ready (about 10 minutes). Since there will be little syrup, it will be necessary to cook a pumpkin in two sets.

Cooked pumpkin is laid out on paper for baking and dried in the oven for about an hour at a temperature of 130 ° C. Ready cold candied fruit is sprinkled with cinnamon or powdered sugar.

Candied pumpkin: recipe third

And here's another recipe for candied pumpkin. To prepare the candied fruits for this recipe You will need:

  • 1 kg of pumpkin
  • 1 tbsp. juice of any sour
  • 1.2 kg sugar
  • soda

Candied fruits are prepared according to this recipe: pumpkin is cleaned, cut into cubes and dipped for 5-6 hours in water with soda. For 1 liter of water, take 7 g of soda. After this time, the pumpkin should be washed very well in running water.

When your pumpkin is already prepared for further processing, prepare syrup based on the juice. In the finished syrup, put the sliced ​​pumpkin and cook for 5 minutes. After that, turn off the heat and leave the jam for 8-10 hours. Thus you should boil the candied fruit 2 more times. Ready candied fruits are removed from the viscous syrup and dried in the oven at low temperature. If necessary, the ready-made pumpkin candies can be sprinkled with sugar.

Candied fruit can be stored in a closed jar that will not allow them to dry out. They can be used to bake pies and cakes or decorate them with desserts. Enjoy your meal!