Real Mexicans drink tequila in its pure form, undiluted. But what about those who are on the title of the Mexican does not claim, and of undiluted alcohol does not like, but wants to try tequila? There is a solution — a variety of cocktails with tequila.

Cocktails with tequila

First, let's talk about what constitutes the drink. Tequila is made from blue agave and only in Mexico, even more precisely — only in a few States. Tequila class "premium" is made only from blue agave, you can recognize them by the label on the bottle "100% blue agava or100% agava ”. Part of the more affordable tequilas “mixto  "(Standard) may include alcohol derived from cheaper sugar-containing raw materials (eg sugarcane or corn), but not more than 49%.

Depending on the aging tequila is divided into several categories :

  • "silver" (plata blanca) – at least 2 months of aging
  • "Golden" (gold) – gold tequila, tinted for more similarity with Mature
  • "rested" (reposado) — about a year of aging
  • "vintage", "vintage" (añejo) — 1-3 years exposure
  • "extra aged" (extra añejo) — 3 years and more.

So what cocktails with tequila, you can cook ?

Perhaps "Margarita" is more famous than all the other cocktails with tequila together. For its preparation you will need :

There are many variations of the proportions of the components. "Historically correct option" - 2: 1: 2 (40% tequila, 20% liquor, 40% juice). With this combination, the taste of the cocktail is most harmonious. no taste of any of the components is felt separately. The International Association of Bartenders adopted proportions of 7: 4: 3 (50% tequila, 29% triple-secka, 21% juice).

To make "Margarita" you need to mix all the ingredients in a shaker with ice and filter the cocktail into a glass, which is called "Margarita", having previously decorated the edges of the glass with salt.

Mexican gimlet

After all, tequila is a native Mexican drink, and cocktails with tequila (more precisely, their names) do not allow us to forget about it. To prepare the cocktail, "the Mexican drill", need :

  • tequila — 40 ml
  • orange juice — 100 ml
  • orange circle

Mix all the ingredients in a glass together with ice cubes, dip an orange circle into the cocktail. Serve this cocktail with a swizzle stick - a special stick for stirring.


This cocktail composition more difficult. For its preparation you will need :

  • tequila — 40 ml
  • lemon juice — 20 ml
  • pineapple juice — 10 ml
  • pomegranate syrup grenadine syrup — 1 tsp
  • cocktail cherry for garnish

Mix all the ingredients in the shaker along with the ice, shake it vigorously and strain the cocktail into the glass. To decorate, place a cherry on the edge of the glass for cocktails.

Bloody Juanita

You can meet and other name — Bloody Mary (like a Bloody Mary). "Parent" of this cocktail is a soft drink sangrita tomato juice, which is washed down with tequila. If tequila is not sangrita drink, and mix with it — get a Bloody Juanita. For this cocktail, take :

  • tequila — 40 ml
  • tomato juice — 100 ml
  • Tabasco sauce
  • spices: pepper, soaked in the juice of celery salt

Mix tomato juice and tequila with ice in a glass "highball" or "toggle". Add in the cocktail of seasonings and sauce to taste. If you want you can add in cocktail citrus juice (lime, grapefruit or orange). Serves cocktail and decorate it with slice (slice) of tomato.

Tequila sunrise

This cocktail is very pleasant sour-sweet taste. To prepare it, you should take :

  • tequila - 50 ml
  • orange juice — 200 ml
  • pomegranate syrup-grenadine syrup — 20 ml
  • a slice of orange

Pour a few ice cubes on the bottom of the glass. Pour tequila and orange juice into the glass. Add grenadine, carefully pouring it with a very thin trickle at the very edge of the glass. Do not mix, the grenadine should sink to the bottom. Before serving, decorate the edge of the glass with an orange slice.

These cocktails with tequila can be prepared for a party.