Today for preparation of various dishes of poultry used chicken is the most affordable option. But very tasty and nourishing good dishes from duck meat is pretty tender and just melts in your mouth. That's just what apply for side dish for duck.

The garnish to the duck can be different. For example, you can serve rice, buckwheat and potatoes in a specially prepared way for the duck. And you can also serve on a garnish for a duck stewed in broth onions - this is the French tradition. We suggest you cook a buckwheat porridge with mushrooms for a garnish to a duck.

Side dish for duck buckwheat

For a great side dish to the duck you will need:

  • buckwheat — 1 tbsp.
  • mushrooms — 200 g
  • onions — 2 PCs.
  • sunflower oil — 3 tbsp
  • butter — 10 g
  • salt — to taste
  • black pepper powder - 1 tsp.

Buckwheat groats need to be filled with cold water, at the rate of 2 cups per 1 cup of cereals. Put on fire, bring to a boil, add salt. Cook for 20 minutes.

Rinse and clean the mushrooms, cut into 2 or 4 pieces. Peeled onions cut into half rings. Mushrooms and onion in a frying pan in vegetable oil for 25 minutes. Salt and pepper add to taste.

When serving a ready-made crumbly buckwheat porridge on the table, season with butter and put into portions. Put mushrooms on top. Serve on the side dish to the duck.