In the conventional sense cake is a sweet dish that is usually served for dessert. But if you want to surprise your guests, you can serve unusual snack cake, which, as the name implies, plays a role not dessert, and snacks. What is a snack cake and how to cook it?

Snack cake (sandwich cake ) is a Scandinavian cuisine dish. Such cakes are very popular in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Hungary, Poland. In fact it is a big sandwich, but because of the size and large number of layers and fillings it is called a cake.

Usually a snack cake made from white or rye bread. But over time, there are other variations. Our hostess has a knack to make such cakes, crackers, pancakes, waffle cakes. And the snack cake "Napoleon" is made of layers of puff pastry.

Layers of cake are smeared with mayonnaise, cream cheese, pâté or other suitable creamy product. The filling can be any,importantly, the products blend together to taste.

Top cake is usually decorated with vegetables, greens, thin slices of cheese, fish or ham, shrimp, etc. the Sandwich cake is served cold, cutting into pieces, like a regular cake. Offer several recipes for snack cakes   to choose from.

Finnish snack cake

This is more or less a classic recipe sandwich cake with his homeland — Finland. To prepare this delicious snacks we take :

  • bread for toast
  • cream cheese (type Philadelphia) — 300 g
  • salted salmon fillet - 300 g
  • cold fish stock — 200 ml
  • ricotta - 250 g
  • canned tuna — 150 g (1 Bank)
  • herring fillets - 100 g
  • green onions — 1 bunch
  • dill — 1 bunch
  • olives for decoration

First, prepare "cream", this cream cheese mix with the ricotta until smooth. Approximately one fifth of the need to immediately separate, then to use for decoration.

Finely chop half a bunch of onions and dill and herring. Canned tuna mash with a fork. A mixture of ricotta cheese and divide into two parts, one mixed with tuna and green onions, the second with herring and dill.

Take a serving dish and vystelim it with foil or cling film. Evenly stacked pieces of bread (you can pre-cut the crust). Wet bread fish soup to "cake" soaked in.

Spread on bread the rest of the filling. Put the second layer of bread impregnated with broth and grease filling. So alternate cake layers and filling. The top layer should be saturated with broth bread. The number of layers can be different depending on how much you smear the filling.

The cake covered with foil, put on top a plate with a small load and put in the fridge for a few hours. The finished cake carefully daubed the remaining cream cheese with ricotta, Boca sprinkle with finely chopped green onions.

To decorate the fillet of salmon cut thin slices (you can buy already sliced), turn off the roses and put it on the cake. Nearby lay olives (you can put them in the center of roses) and twigs of dill.

Snack cake with boiled ham

This cake is perhaps less refined than the previous, but very delicious, nutritious and easy to prepare. For him we will need :

  • 300 g butter
  • 200 g of rye bread
  • 200 g wheat bread
  • 100 g of cooked ham
  • 100 g of hard cheese or fresh vegetables
  • 1 yolk boiled egg
  • 1 lemon
  • parsley, dill, green onion — to taste

With bread cut the peel and cut it into slices half an inch thick. In the making of this cake we are going to alternate layers of rye and wheat bread.

Divide the butter into three parts, pre-leaving a bit to coat the top and sides of cake. The first part is mixed with finely chopped ham, the second — with finely chopped greens, and the third with grated egg yolk.

Spread the first layer of bread, coat with butter with ham. Put on top of the second on a layer of oil with herbs. The third layer of bread spread with butter with egg yolk. Cover the last layer of bread.

Top and sides of the cake is coated with butter and sprinkled with grated cheese (as an option - any finely chopped fresh vegetables). We decorate with greens and slices of lemon.