Homemade marzipan — tasty and healthy treat, which, moreover, can be nice to decorate cakes and pastries. Is a homemade marzipan sweet elastic mass, it can be painted in different colors. Homemade marzipan from almonds and sugar.

To make the marzipan you can use warm or cold way. Usually homemade marzipan prepare a warm way, because marzipan is smoother and easier to sculpt jewelry. Main recipe of marzipan at home  is proposed below.

Homemade marzipan

For homemade marzipan you need:

  • sweet almonds — 0.5 kg
  • almonds bitter - 15 nucleoli
  • fruit sugar — 200 g
  • water — 1 tbsp

Raw almonds should be scalded, and then remove from it peel. In the oven with the door open, dry the almond kernels on a very small fire. Almonds should not burn out.

Dried almonds are ground with a grinder into a fine powder. Fruit sugar, must also be ground into powder. In the absence of fruit sugar, you can substitute already prepared icing sugar.

Sugar and almonds should be mixed thoroughly, best of all - a mixer. Using a spray, the mixture must be sprinkled with water. During spraying, the mass should be turned so that it evenly absorbs water.

Moistened with water, the walnut-sugar mass must be put in a thick-walled pan and then put on a small fire. During the heating of the mass, you need to add another 20-50 g of fruit sugar in the form of powder.

A ready-made plastic warm mass should be put on a cutting board sprinkled with powdered sugar. Now the mass can be rolled out, sculpting various figures from it.