In winter it is so pleasant to drink tea with fragrant raspberry jam! Moreover, raspberry jam not only delicious, but also useful, especially for colds, because a raspberry has diaphoretic and antipyretic properties. How to close raspberry jam in the winter, will tell the country of the Soviets.

Raspberry jam: a simple recipe

Here is one of the easiest recipes raspberry jam. For making jam from the raspberries in this recipe we will need:

We wash the washed and stripped raspberries in a jam-cooking container in one or two layers. We fall asleep with berries sugar and we clean in the refrigerator for 8-10 hours, so that raspberries let the juice. After this time we put raspberries with sugar on the fire, bring to a boil and cook for about 20 minutes, not forgetting to stir to prevent the jam burning.

Ready jam in hot form is poured into heated dry sterilized jars and tightly sealed. The level of jam should be about 0.5 cm below the neck of the jar. We put jars with jam upside down and cover with a towel, and when they are completely cooled, we remove them for storage.

Raspberry jam in Bulgarian

There is another option of making jam from the raspberries in which the berries do not need to sprinkle them with sugar and infuse.To make this raspberry jam, we will need:

  • 2 kg of sugar
  • 1 kg of raspberry
  • 4 tbsp. water
  • 2 tsp citric acid

Sugar is poured into a basin or other container for cooking jam, we add prepared berries and pour in water. Then everything is simple: cook jam until cooked on low heat in one step. In order that it does not burn, from time to time you need to remove the jam from the fire and mix the contents in circular motions. At the very end of the cooking, add citric acid, the prepared jam is rolled into cans in the standard way.

Raspberry jam in a few receptions

You can make jam from raspberries not at once, but in several. The set of products for preparation of this jam is quite standard:

To make jams select the ripe berries, which are my carefully in a large basin of water, so as not to damage the berries. Remove the sepals and sort out the raspberries. Prepared berries covered with sugar and leave for 4-5 hours. The extracted juice is poured and boil for 10 minutes to obtain a syrup.

Berries are poured into this syrup, put on a small fire and bring to a boil. We cook for five minutes. Then give the jam completely cool for 8-10 hours, again let it boil and cook for another five minutes. We put the prepared jam into sterilized cans and cork.

Raspberry jam: secrets and tricks

Raspberry — a delicate berry that requires delicate handling, then just jam make it good. Here are some tips that will help you when cooking raspberry jam:

  • for jam fit only the ripest, but it is sturdy and undamaged fruit
  • wash the berries in a basin or bucket of water: when rinsing under running water, they will crush and will be unsuitable for jam
  • if the larvae of a raspberry beetle are noticeable on berries, they must be immersed in a salt solution (10 g salt per liter of water): the larvae will surface and you can easily remove them;
  • so that the jam quickly cooked and was more flavorful, do not cook more than two kilograms of berries at a time;
  • in the process of cooking do not forget to remove the jam foam
  • to determine the readiness of the jam, drip one drop on a saucer, if the jam is ready, it will not be spread
  • good jam is a transparent syrup, which evenly distributed the berries.

If you follow these tips, you will be able to cook a delicious and flavorful jam.