Traditional methods of canning for the winter fruits and berries is to make jam and compotes. How about to prepare jelly for the winter. Many Housewives prefer to preserve berries and fruits for future use this way.

Jelly for the winter.

Jelly is prepared by boiling down the clarified juice with sugar. The juice is gelled due to the contained pectin. To make good jelly, the pectin in the juice should contain about 1%. Therefore, for the preparation of jelly are best suited fruits with high pectin content. for example, apples (it is best to take acid varieties), currants, cranberries, cranberries, blueberries, gooseberries, quinces.

To srednevilyuiskoe juices include cherry, raspberry, plum, apricot. Bad heliroute  pear, cherry, strawberry and strawberry juices. Therefore, for the preparation of jelly for the winter, such juices are usually added with ready-made pectin in sachets.

Jelly can be stored for future use in two ways. hot and cold. To prepare the jelly cold way  In the strained clarified juice put sugar (and if necessary and pectin) and stir to the sugar completely dissolved. When the jelly stands a little, foam is removed from it, poured over sterile jars, clogged and cleaned in the cold.

Hot  Preparation of jelly is to boil freshly squeezed filtered juice with sugar. Jelly is cooked in a bowl with a wide bottom on high heat, without forgetting to constantly stir and remove the foam. The volume of juice during boiling is reduced by 2-3 times. You can not boil the juice for longer than half an hour: after this time, the pectin begins to break down.

Krasnosmorodinovy jelly for the winter

For cooking jelly red currant  clean berries and fill them with cold water so that they are slightly covered with liquid. Cook the berries to isolate the juice, strain the juice and leave it for a day. Carefully pour the juice into a separate bowl to get rid of the sediment.

Then uvarivaniem juice, skimming off the foam until it reduced in volume by half. Then add sugar at the rate of 0.5 kg per 1 liter of juice and boil until cooked (a drop ready the jelly needs to solidify on the edge of a plate). Pour hot on dry sterile banks, kuparinen.

According to the same recipe to prepare and jelly black currant.

Apple jelly for the winter

In acidic varieties of apples a lot of pectin, so they make a good jelly. For cooking jelly from apples  You need to wash 1 kg of apples and cut into slices. Remove the core from each lobule, pour the apples with water and cook for 25-30 minutes on low heat, covering the pan with apples with a lid.

Throw apples on a sieve to make them glass liquid. The resulting apple decoction is filtered and sugar is added at the rate of 160 g per 1 tbsp. broth. Add apples and cook on low heat until cooked. You can add 1 g of citric acid. Ready jelly packed in jars, roll and store the same as jam.

Jelly of gooseberries for the winter

Mix 1 liter of juice from gooseberry with 1 kg of sugar, cook for 5-10 minutes, until the sugar is completely dissolved, packed in cans. In exactly the same way, you can preparesea-buckthorn jelly. but sugar should be added less: 0.6 kg of sugar per liter of juice.

Raspberry jelly for the winter

Pour 2 kg of raspberries with water (2.5 liters), bring to a boil and boil for a quarter of an hour. We squeeze, in pure juice we add sugar at the rate of 1 kg of sugar per 1 l of juice, boil until ready, we pack on cans.

Jelly of apricots for the winter

This jelly is better to cookfrom unripe apricots. 2.5 kg of fruit washed in cold water, remove the bones, and cut the flesh into cubes. Fill the apricots with water so that they are only slightly covered with liquid, and cook until softened (while the apricots should not boil). Decoction is filtered and left for 10-12 hours.

Carefully pour the juice into a separate bowl to get rid of the sediment. Boil up to half the volume, periodically removing the foam. Then add 0.5 kg of sugar per liter of juice. 2-3 g of pectin is dissolved in water and poured into a syrup in a thin trickle. Continue to cook until ready (3-4 minutes before removing the jelly from the fire, add 1 teaspoon of citric acid). We prepack by banks.