Among the variety of sauces sweet and sour sauce with pineapple occupies a special place due to its exotic taste. This sauce is a traditional Chinese cuisine where it is served with fish, grilled meat or poultry. To prepare sweet and sour sauce with pieces of pineapples at home is quite simple. The land of the Soviets tell you the recipe.

In domestic conditions is prepared sweet and sour sauce usually with canned pineapples, although in the original recipes appear, as a rule, pineapples fresh. At the present time to buy fresh pineapple at the supermarket is easy, so if I want to keep the authenticity of the recipe, use cooking sauce best is slices of fresh ripe pineapple.

Traditionally {!LANG-ee0795afba30e076faddc3075bd3c50d!}. but very interesting results can also be achieved if you use this sauce while cooking. For example, is very popular chicken in sweet and sour sauce and pork in sweet and sour sauce.

For cooking chicken in sweet and sour sauce with pineapple Chinese chicken sliced, marinated in soy sauce, collapses in flour and fry in deep fat until Golden crisp. Roasted chicken pieces are added to the pre-cooked sauce and a little stewed on a slow fire.

Sweet and sour sauce with pineapple

This method of cooking the sauce is modern, the recipe being "adapted" to domestic ingredients. Typically this sauce is served in Chinese restaurants outside China.

To prepare the sauce mix together juices: pineapple (0.75 Cup), orange (3 tablespoons) and lemon (1 tbsp). Add sugar (0.25 Cup). Mix juice with sugar to add to pre-mixed together soy sauce, (0.25 Cup) and ketchup (0.25 cups).


Put the mixture on a slow fire and cook with constant stirring till the formation on the surface of the sauce bubbles.

After the appearance of the bubbles add to the sauce the pineapple slices (500 g, very large pieces cut into several pieces), keep on low heat for about 1 minute. The sauce is ready remove from heat and serve in a gravy boat.

Sweet and sour sauce with pineapple and peppers

This recipe uses the traditional original version of the ingredients, in particular, ginger and vinegar. Pepper added as a modern addition to this sauce, so it can optionally be deleted.

To make this sauce fresh pineapple (1 piece) clean, then he and pepper (2 pieces) cut into small cubes.

A bit of fry peppers in vegetable oil in a frying pan. Add to pepper grated grated ginger root (100 g), Apple cider vinegar (1 tablespoon), soy sauce (quarter Cup), water(half Cup), which pre-diluted honey (2 tablespoons).


{!LANG-4f48b9563a38f8f555e53cb8355b5027!}Chinese sauce with pineapple ready. It can be remove from heat and use as directed.