Everyone knows that fish is very useful. The main advantage of this product is the high content of fatty omega-3 acids that the human body does not produce on their own, and only gets from food.

Fish products are the optimal source of special Omega-3 acids - docosahexaenoic acids. Their stable consumption of food will reduce the level of harmful cholesterol in the body, prevent the formation of blood clots and will serve as a prevention of heart attacks and strokes. Fish oil helps the brain and nervous system, it has a beneficial effect on the activity of the kidneys and the reproductive system.

An important role in preserving useful properties is played by the method of processing fish. Everyone knows that the aggressive process of frying in a frying pan destroys vitamins and trace elements, and the oil used for the non-stick effect, when heated, forms carcinogens, harmful to the body. How to cook fish in such a way as to preserve all valuable substances and microelements of the product? The ideal option will be cooking in the multivark.

This device allows to keep all the best in products with long soft heat treatment. Multivarku often called a miracle-pot, she knows how to fry, and cook, and stew, and cook food for a couple. At the same time, a person is only required to put the required products, according to the recipe, and select the desired mode from the proposed by the manufacturer. The unit itself will cook the food and turn itself off when everything is ready. The food in this saucepan does not burn due to the non-stick coating of the bowl. There are many recipes for cooking fish dishes in a multivark. We offer only some of them, simple and tasty.

Fish stew with vegetables in a slow cooker

- Sea fish freshly frozen - 500 gr.

- Two heads of onions

- Lemon juice - Two carrots

- Tablespoon tomato. pastes

– Mayonnaise – 2 table. spoon (you can substitute sour cream)

- Flour - 1 tablespoon

- Drinking water - ½ cup

- Greens - Pepper and salt

Preparation: Thaw the fish at room temperature or in the refrigerator (leaving for the night), remove the head and fins, scrape, cut into portions, add pepper and salt, sprinkle well with lemon juice. Carrots to clean and coarsely rub. Peel onion, cut into small cubes. Prepare the sauce, for it mix in a separate bowl of mayonnaise or sour cream with tomato paste and water, pour in flour, stirring so that no lumps form. In the bowl of the multivarka put half the carrots and onions, then half the fish, repeat the layers. Top with sauce, put the quenching mode on the multivark for 1.5 hours, after extinguishing it can be put on "baking" for 20 minutes to evaporate the liquid.

Fish in foil, baked in a multivark

- Fish chilled - 500 gr.

– Salt and spices to taste

- Ready-made tar-tar sauce

Preparation: Remove fish from scales, heads and fins, cut into portions. Sprinkle with lemon juice, salt, pepper, put on a piece of foil of the appropriate size. To spread sauce tar-tar, wrap in foil, snap edges. Put baking paper on the bottom of the multiquark bowl to protect the non-stick coating from possible scratches from contact with the foil. Lay the wrapped pieces of fish on the baking paper. Set the cooking mode to "baking" for 30 minutes. After turning off the device, allow the fish to stand under the closed lid for five minutes. Eat pieces of baked fish on a flat dish and decorate with greens. Delicious and healthy food is ready!

We sincerely hope that our step-by-step recipes from the photo answered the question of how to cook fish in a multivariate. Enjoy your meal!