Yorkshire Terriers, though, and was bred as a hardy and nimble hunters who are sensitive to cold. Even thick hair does not always protects them, especially on long walks. Winter home of York it is better to walk in a warm robe or jumpsuit. To sew such clothes for dogs you can with your hands.

Overalls, coat or blanket can make insulated, lined and waterproof on the outside (common in winter is snow, and many dogs love to climb in the snow). If your York, long-haired, and hair is very important (for example, it participates in exhibitions), for the lining you need to take slippery lightweight fabric that will not confuse the puppy. Between it and the outer part is just laying the insulation.

Overalls for Yorkshire Terriers with their own hands

There are two types of overalls – with an open abdomen (for both sexes) and closed (such jumpsuits back zipper). The second type involves additional holes on the part, covering the belly and back of the trunk, but to fasten him the. To begin with

and obmerte dog. There are options of body size in all breeds, but the differences in centimeter can make a jumpsuit uncomfortable for the animal. Measure length of back to tail, chest girth and neck, as well as the length of the legs and the waist. Transfer all measurements to the pattern. It is best to make a trial version of overalls from a single layer of plain fabric (any old thing).

Cut and baste all the pieces and then try on a dog – so you can see where the pattern will need to correct because, despite the commonality of the breed, each dog is still an individual. Then correct the pattern and cut out all the details. Don't forget that the cuffs and the neckline is elastic, and the fabrics will need a little more to build.

Baste the inner part (the back and all four “sleeve”) of the “foreign” tissue. Insulate them – it is best for the sleeves and, later, abdomen and Breasts using the polyester, it is softer and allows you not to feel seams. For the back you can take teplon – it's very warm and well will protect the spine from cold, but rather rough to the touch.

Quilted padding polyester, trim the excess and attaching the resulting construction of the lining with pins, then sew on the sewing machine. Repeat for the other parts – the front and lower belly. Remember that for collar and cuffs you will need a rubber band, otherwise they can get dirt and snow, and also to penetrate the cold. Choose not a very tight elastic band, so that the dog felt no discomfort.

Winter clothes for Yorkshire Terrier

Decorative and insulated, the blanket is different from the jumpsuit to the lack of the “sleeves” and the freer throat. It is easier to put on a dog, the dog feels more comfortable in her because of her movements, nothing binds, but but legs, the blanket of cold will not protect.

This option is more for snowy days and thaws, when the jumpsuit dog will be too hot. The blanket on the front“Velcro” sewn quite simple. Typically, the winter option is selected the fleece for the batting. The lining is best done from a moving fabric, as in the case with the jumpsuit.

Measure the dog, cut out the details of the pattern (any of the popular ones, you can make a blanket from a single piece of triangular piece of cloth, or maybe two or more elements) of paper or old cloth and try on, fitting it to fit. Warm the horsecloth, quilt the sintepon and sew a lining, and after - a wide strip of lock-"stickies" on the back or side, depending on the design of the blanket.