In many gardens you can meet the green oblong vegetable with a juicy flesh. It is well-known zucchini. Gardeners love it for its easy maintenance, high productivity, an interesting and unusual flavor and numerous beneficial properties. Today we not only tells you which essential minerals contains the pulp of the zucchini, but will tell you how to pickle zucchini for the winter, below it and in the cold months we've all enjoyed a taste of summer.

Useful properties of zucchini

Vitamin C, A, magnesium, calcium, potassium, iron – all this gets the body from the zucchini. Edema of these vegetables are able to gently withdraw excess fluid from the body. They are invaluable in the treatment of obesity and just for weight loss. Being very low in calories, a dish of zucchini gives a strong feeling of “full stomach” that reduces appetite and clears the body of toxins and cholesterol. So even if you don't like the taste of zucchini is its worth as a medicine. The main disadvantage of fresh vegetable is its very short shelf life, that is why Housewives and interested in the question: how to pickle zucchini for the winter. Recipes are many, we will tell only about some of them.

Recipe for salted zucchini

If you decide to pickle zucchini in the winter they will be a great snack. The first stage is the preparation of cans. Should not be taken very large, because then the half-eaten vegetables long standing in the refrigerator. Useful to you and the metal cover. Remember that they should be well sterilized. Next, you will need zucchini, it is better to choose young and small. Removing the stalk, cut vegetables slices. Greens, cherry leaves, horseradish (optional) adds spice and zest. Prepare the brine for pickling zucchini in the following recipe: in 1 liter of water dissolve 50 grams. salt, then boil. When all is ready, comes the most important stage. Put the zucchini in a jar and pour each layer with herbs, pour a mixture of saline, cover with a lid and put in a cool place. After a month on the table can be served salted zucchini.

Pickled marrows

If you don't like salting, it is possible to try the zucchini to marinate. Prepare the marinade for the zucchini in the following recipe: in 1 liter of water add 100 gr. of sugar, 1.5 tablespoons of salt and 100 ml vinegar (you can choose Apple). Boil the solution and pour them chopped and Packed in jars zucchini. After one day, the marinade will pour and roll up the resulting canned. Additional flavors will add to the marinade with various spices, choose those that love you. The garlic and hot pepper will make your vegetables acute.

Salad from courgettes for the winter

The most famous dish of pickled zucchini is “Teschin language”. Let's try to make this spicy snack together. In addition to the zucchini in the recipe for this salad in the winter includes tomatoes, sweet peppers, a couple cloves of garlic, hot peppers (if you like). To salad were true to their name – slice the zucchini thin and long plates. All other ingredients are passed through a meat grinder, the mixture is added to vegetable oil, salt, vinegar. It remains only to mix all with sliced zucchini, boil for 40 minutes and put small banks.

Less acute is considered Lecho zucchini, although the ingredients are almost the same: zucchini, sweet peppers, tomatoes, onions. All the ingredients are cut, and the tomatoes are scrolled. Preparing the marinade: oil, salt, vinegar. In the boiling mix and boil put the zucchini, onions, peppers, tomatoes.

Whichever recipe zakolki zucchini you choose, the dish will turn out sharp and unusual, it will definitely like you and it will be a good side dish.