Harvested in the winter, the garlic will be an excellent addition for both the first and second dishes – pickled garlic can be added to soup, soup, meat stew, and so forth, especially if you do not have fresh herbs (and in the winter it happens quite often). To pickle the garlic for the winter simply – it does not require any special utensils or any exotic ingredients.

How to pickle wild garlic in winter – step by step recipe

Brine and garlic is cooked on a very simple ratio to one liter of water take fifty grams of salt. Accordingly, the domestic preparations, the more brine will need.

It is better to salt the entire leaves of wild garlic, but you can pickle for the winter and the stalks. Before salting the garlic should be thoroughly washed under running cold water and dry spread out on kitchen towel.

In advance, prepare all the other ingredients for flavor can be added to the recipe of pickled garlic fresh dill or horseradish, Bay leaf, black pepper and even coriander. In addition, make sure that banks for preservation was clean and sterilized in a water bath.

The leaves of the garlic spread in glass jars with layers – a layer of greens, then a layer of spices, dill, Bay leaf and so on. If you want you can add a few cloves of garlic. Fill our billet of garlic cooked with brine and close lids, but not tightly, since the process of pickling garlic for the winter does not end. The workpieces should be allowed to stand for several days during this period on the surface will form foam, which must necessarily be removed. But after a week and a half fermentation is over, and after this the garlic can be refilled with fresh brine, carefully roll up lids and store for the winter.

The recipe for pickling garlic with vinegar

To keep damsons for winter, you can also use more simple and fast recipe with a vinegar brine. To prepare the brine, we will need the following ingredients:

  • A glass of water
  • Two hundred grams of vinegar
  • Tablespoon of salt
  • Two tablespoons of sugar

If you want you can add spices – black pepper, Bay leaf. Furthermore, it is well suited for this homemade piece of garlic sprigs of cloves or cinnamon.

Method of pickling garlic for the winter is simple: spread the leaves of the garlic in jars for preservation (it is recommended to soak the greens in cold water for one hour), then top pour hot brine and thoroughly closed. Before you leave the salted wild garlic stored for the winter, the jars need to settle within one to two days, and in inverted (bottom up) state.