Traditionally in Russia gooseberry did a variety of workpiece, often cooked unmatched jam.

In our days very popular recipes gooseberry compote, jelly, marmalade and jam, which are not just very tasty but also very useful. Also gooseberries and even marinated.

What kind of berries to use for harvesting?

Gooseberry is a very valuable shrub, which is popularly often called the Northern grapes. Berries on it fully ripen in July.

There are different varieties of gooseberries, but even on the Bush individual varieties are often the berries of different colors: green, pink with stripes, purple, red and almost black. Some of the fruit grows to quite a large size, and some remain quite small.

Gooseberries product versatile, they can be collected in different periods of maturity and make all sorts of preparations for the winter. Maturity of gooseberry depends on what kind of procurement should be preferred. Of course, the most useful thing to use gooseberries, fresh.

This is best suited ripe berries. But the recipes pieces of gooseberry most often involve the use of unripe gooseberries. In particular, it make excellent compotes. Politely gooseberry is ideal for preparing jams and ripe berries used to make juice.

How to shred the gooseberries for seaming?

The correct processing of berries gooseberries is a rather difficult and painstaking process. The easiest way to find good recipes with photos and boiled gooseberry jam or marinade. In any case, the berries must first be sorted, taking all the damaged and non-compliant with a certain degree of ripeness, then washed and clean, removing them from the sepals and stems.

A billet of gooseberry, especially such as jam, jelly, marmalade and many recipes require the removal of jam from the berries of the bones. To perform this procedure, you must make the knife partial or full cut berries, and then using a loop of wire or a pin to remove the seeds. After that the berries should be washed again.

Which is better: sweet meats or a unique solo?

In most cases, it is difficult to prepare good billets only some berries gooseberry. So many recipes, in particular, compotes recommend using them together with other fruits or berries. The most common are the line-Kompot-Assorti when 2 parts gooseberry added:

  • 2 part of summer apples and 1 part raspberry (or black currant, strawberry, cherry)
  • 1 part drain with bones;
  • 1 part pitted plums, summer apples and cherries.

Gooseberries can be harvested in winter and no sugar. It is better suited slightly unripe berries, which in some places prick pointed knitting needle, and then placed in jars, pour hot boiled water and pasteurized at a temperature of 85 degrees (15 minutes liter jars

To prepare berries gooseberry excellent slightly acidic marinade, it is necessary hermetically to seal and propasterizovat. For cooking pouring you should only use an enamel or wooden utensils.

Salt and sugar, in the specified prescription number, first pour a small volume of water and then heated until complete dissolution. Then poured the remaining water to the desired volume, bring to the boil, strain and add desired amount of vinegar.

Slightly acidic pickled gooseberries used in all kinds of salads or served as a separate dish. Many recipes pieces of gooseberry are pretty simple, and the benefits of these berries is huge.