Spain is the birthplace of Sangria wine. The hot climate, an abundance of fruits and various kinds of wines became the reason for the appearance of the recipe of this drink, which was later distributed all over the world.

Most popular Sangria on the basis of spices and red wine, but in summer you want something more refreshing. In our photo recipe you'll see the light version of this drink, which is based on a bottle of sparkling white wine and juicy white peaches.

So, we suggest that you try experimenting with Sangria cooking at home as an afternoon sunny afternoon. Try yourself in the role of bartender, and then enjoy the results of their labors, incidentally sunbathing on the beach, the deck of a yacht or simply relaxing in a deck-chair near the pool.

Recipe wine Sangria

For the preparation of wine we need the following ingredients:

  • One bottle of dry white Italian sparkling wine Prosecco
  • Approximately one Cup of peach schnapps (in our recipe used peach schnapps from the Spanish Teichenne Licor). You can vary the amount of this ingredient depending on your taste preferences
  • Approximately a quarter Cup of white rum – the amount of this ingredient may also vary according to your taste
  • Several (5-6 pieces) of ripe white peaches;
  • One bottle of chilled lemonade.

How to cook homemade Sangria: step-by-step photo instruction

  • Clean cut peaches in thin slices and pour them into the pitcher. Fruit in wine look very impressive, so we used the two-litre jug of clear glass.
  • Pour in the jug of a bottle of Prosecco. Immediately add a Cup of peach schnapps and a quarter Cup of white rum.
  • As we have said, the amount of these ingredients may vary depending on your taste preferences. Circular motion of a pitcher mix all ingredients. On the surface will appear foam head of small bubbles.
  • Pour a quantity of lemonade, enough to fill the jug to the brim. The resulting drink should have a sweet taste. If you think that the lemonade is too sweet, add some fresh lime juice or lemonade instead of soda water simple.
  • Your homemade summer Sangria ready! Pour the drink into a champagne glass and enjoy an excellent refreshing taste.

As an ornament, you can put on the edge of a glass of white peach. Traditionally, Sangria is used in a slightly warm form (about 14-17 ° C), but if you are accustomed to drinking colder liquors, you can add crushed ice to the glass to taste. It is appropriate to serve Sangria for a summer lunch or dinner, but you can eat it between traditional meals, with a light snack of cheese or fruit.