Raspberry – incredibly useful berry, it not only protects the body from viral diseases, but also strengthens immunity, improves complexion and skin elasticity.

It is a pity that you can eat plenty of fresh raspberries in summer. And to keep a piece of summer for the winter, without losing taste and vitamins, you need to figure out how to properly dry raspberries at home.

Why raspberries for the winter to dry

Drying is one of the oldest ways of preserving food, dehydrating fruits or berries while preserving all the beneficial substances and trace elements, the least time consuming process compared to other ways of preserving foods. When drying, moisture is removed by circulating warm air. The water content decreases to about 10-15%.

The warmer the air, the quicker the raspberry will lose moisture, however, various microelements are destroyed at higher temperatures, so the drying temperature should not be too high. With a temperature regime of 30-50 degrees, raspberries do not lose their useful properties, nutrients do not disappear.

Moreover, due to loss of moisture, the taste of raspberries is enhanced, the berry becomes more sweet. Thus, dried raspberries can be used as a natural sweetener for both baking and other dishes. Dried raspberries, unlike raspberry jam, are not contraindicated for diabetics and people trying to cut down on sugar consumption.

Electric oven or oven – how to dry raspberries for the winter

In the electric dryer there is a heat source, a fan for circulating warm air and several trays for drying a large number of berries at the same time. In budget models of electric dryers there is no possibility to regulate the temperature.

More expensive models are equipped with a thermostat, a temperature regulator and double walls for more efficient use of energy. A conventional oven can also be used to dry raspberries at home. The main thing is that it can maintain a temperature of no higher than 60 degrees to preserve the beneficial properties of raspberries.

Raspberry drying requires good air circulation that a normal oven can not provide, so leave the oven door ajar for 5-10 cm (possible to place slit a small fan) – this will solve the problem. For drying raspberries in the electric dryer will need less time and minimal part of the hostess, the main thing – do not leave the appliance unattended.

In the future in the electric dryer it will be possible to harvest not only raspberries, but, if desired, other fruits and berries. Drying raspberries in the oven takes more time, the berries will have to constantly look and determine the degree of drying, but all the necessary tools at hand.

Take note: helpful tips

With any method of drying, it is important to observe the following sequence.

1) Rinse the berries in cold water, pat them with a cloth or paper towel, remove the core and stems.

2) Arrange the berries at a sufficient distance from each other so that they do not come into contact.

3) Place the temperature controller in a dryer at 30-50 degrees in the oven – no higher than 60 degrees.

4) Check the raspberries every hour. The average drying time in the electric dryer is 3-4 hours, in the oven - 5-6 hours.

5) After drying, let raspberries cool down, then pour the berries into sealed jars and put them in a dry, dark and cool place for the winter.

Drying raspberries at home is a simple and quick way to pamper yourself and your loved ones in the cold winter season with summer flavors and taste. Do not miss the moment prepare for the winter!