Frozen berries and fruits to retain not only the taste and aroma, but also a variety of nutrients and vitamins. It is known that when freeze fruit all the nutrients are present in greater numbers than other types of canning.

There are many ways how to freeze berries, in particular, gooseberries - usually every housewife has her own special cooking secrets. Basically, the rules boil down to the fact that the berries should be cleared of twigs and leaves and it is not necessary that they are dry before the freezing process.

It is important to know: when collecting gooseberries, fruits that have a thin skin should be placed in a separate container in order to keep them intact. What do we know about the ways of storing and preserving gooseberries? Can it be frozen at all?

Surprisingly, many housewives know that from berries of gooseberries one can cook only jam or twist it with sugar, and only a few have heard of the freezing of this kind of berries. How will frozen gooseberries look and taste? Will not lose its valuable properties? And how to prepare it at home for the winter? You will learn more about this later.

A simple recipe, how to cook gooseberries for the winter (freezing)

In fact, gooseberries, as well as other berries that grow in dachas and household plots, can be perfectly and quickly frozen. It is stored in this form of berry for up to 2 months if the storage temperature is 0-1.5 degrees, and the humidity of the air is about 85% to 90%. Freezing gooseberry is similar to a similar method of winter storage of black currant.

For cooking we take ripe berries of medium size. Then the gooseberries cut the dried sepals and peduncle. Most berries are then required to wash and a little dry. All the fruit is prepared for further action to freeze. Now they need to pour into containers for freezing.

As a rule, preference is given to plastic molds and small containers for food products, small cans from ice cream or sour cream are also suitable. In any case, the small container promotes a faster process of freezing. So, add the gooseberries to the plastic containers, gently shake to distribute the berries evenly, and put them in the freezer for a couple of days.

After two days, you should get containers with the berries, well clogging (you can use the same plastic containers with tight lids) and again immersed in the camera. Freezing gooseberry can be produced on the surface of cardboard, sprinkling the berries with a layer of 2-3 cm After phase pre-frozen gooseberries pour into cellophane bags and tie, keeping in this way in "the freezer".

The facts: in gooseberry contains much more iron than in apples, plums or raspberries. Not only can you make frozen gooseberries in a whole kind, but also in puree, too - most of the nutrients and nutrients are stored in both cases of frost. There are also some interesting recipes for freezing this type of berries:

  • Gooseberries, frozen in sugar syrup

The recipe for cooking is almost the same as described above. After you put the berries in molds, pour them with sugar syrup. Freeze for 1-2 days, then give a little thaw, take out frozen briquettes, pack and store in the freezer.

Combine the prepared berries with sugar (ratio 3: 1). Place in a plastic container and freeze.