Frozen berries and fruits to retain not only the taste and aroma, but also a variety of nutrients and vitamins. It is known that when freeze fruit all the nutrients are present in greater numbers than other types of canning.




A simple recipe, how to cook gooseberries for the winter (freezing)


For cooking we take ripe berries of medium size. Then the gooseberries cut the dried sepals and peduncle. Most berries are then required to wash and a little dry. All the fruit is prepared for further action to freeze. Now they need to pour into containers for freezing.


After two days, you should get containers with the berries, well clogging (you can use the same plastic containers with tight lids) and again immersed in the camera. Freezing gooseberry can be produced on the surface of cardboard, sprinkling the berries with a layer of 2-3 cm After phase pre-frozen gooseberries pour into cellophane bags and tie, keeping in this way in "the freezer".


  • Gooseberries, frozen in sugar syrup